New PC Optimum program off to a shaky start

Just hours after the program plan merge went live, customers were already reporting problems

The new PC Optimum program rolls out today, merging 19 million PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum members into a single points-based savings network.

But just hours after the program plan merge went live, customers were already reporting problems.

PC Optimum directed users to download a new app in order to access the points, or to update previous apps. However, glitches left shoppers unable to access their accounts. Many customers took to Twitter to express their frustration with the new system.

“Awesome. Day one of @pc_optimum and can’t login due to unknown errors. Yup, this seems really seamless,” Lauren Jacobs wrote.

PC Optimum spent the early hours of Thursday morning soothing disgruntled users, blaming the problems on server overload for the issues.

“We broke the Internet because of your love of loyalty programs!” the program tweeted. “We are currently above our expected volumes and are working to have our app back online shortly.”

PC Optimum can be used to earn points from 2,500 stores and shopping websites across Canada. A statement from the company hails it as a boon for Canadian shoppers.

“PC Optimum ties a big bow around all we have to offer – including some of Canada’s favourite food, wellness, apparel and beauty brands and stores — adding increased rewards and convenience,” said senior vice president Jim Noteboom in the statement.

Leftover points from both the PC Plus and Shoppers Optimum programs have been converted “at full dollar value,” Loblaw said in its statement.

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