Liberal loss could leave LRT money in limbo, Wynne warns

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne warned Monday that in the event of a Liberal loss in the upcoming provincial election, funding for Ottawa’s light rail project can’t be guaranteed.

The Wynne government pledged $1 billion for the construction of the second phase of Ottawa’s LRT project last year.

But during an event Monday morning at Louis Riel Secondary School, Wynne said the June 7 election leaves things uncertain.

“People always say, can you make sure this doesn’t change, just in case you don’t get elected?” she said. “My answer always has to be, no. We cannot guarantee what another government would do.”

The federal government also pledged up to $1.09 billion to Phase 2, which will extend both the Confederation Line and the Trillium Line, with the city to cover the remaining $1 billion.

The provincial government’s promise included covering half the cost of extending rail service to the Ottawa airport, and from Place d’Orléans to Trim Road, according to a City of Ottawa news release.

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