Did you know that you can rent a barbecue in Toronto?

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Eight in ten Canadians own a barbecue, that is more or less 78% of the population, fortunately there is the option of renting for those who don’t. Swimply is an American company that helps you to rent a pool or even a barbecue. The company started to operate in the US in 2019 but it’s been present in Canada since 2020. In Canada there are 2,000 pools available, that you can rent in four provinces including Ontario and in almost 75% of them you also have access to a barbecue. Prices are based on pool area size, amenities, timing, and demand but the average rate in Canada is $58 per hour.

If you have been dreaming with a barbecue but you can’t afford one or you simply don’t have the space at home to accommodate it this could be a unique opportunity. Book in advance and enjoy the hot summer days with your family and friends.

Milénio Stadium: Can you tell us more about this company?
Swimply: Swimply is a marketplace that connects owners of underutilized swimming pools with people seeking to gather, swim and escape locally. The company is trailblazing the experiential-based sharing category and creating an entirely new income stream for homeowners with pools that are otherwise used just 15 percent of the time. For swimmers, Swimply is disrupting the multi-billion-dollar aquatic space and providing an option for the 96 percent of Americans that do not have access to a pool. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. Swimply is backed by Mayfield, GGV, Norwest Ventures and other notable angels.

MS: When did Swimply open their business in Canada?
Swimply: Swimply launched in Canada in Summer of 2020. Currently there are over 2,000 Swimply pools listed across Canada with concentration in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and British Columbia.

MS: Do you have any data regarding the number of people that rent a pool with barbecue?
Swimply: We don’t have data readily available regarding the number of people who rent pools with a BBQ, but we can tell you that nearly 74% of listings on Swimply offer a grill/BBQ access.

MS: Did you notice an increase in the service since the end of the pandemic?
Swimply: Swimply saw major growth during the pandemic, as public gyms, pools, and establishments were closed. People looked to their own assets and surrounding areas to find alternate solutions as a means for an escape. In the early days of 2019 pre-pandemic, there were close to 800 recorded bookings, to 100k in 2021, and now 150k to date.

MS: What is the average age of renters?
Swimply: An average of 63% of Swimply renters are between the ages of 30 and 50 years old.

MS: What are the average prices in Toronto?
Swimply: Swimply prices are set by the hosts themselves, but we have found an average rate of $58 CAD/ hour, depending on the amenities offered.

MS: How far in advance do we have to book?
Swimply: The Swimply platform allows you to book as early as an hour before your dip, based on the host’s availability.

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