Top Multicultural Newspapers in Toronto

The multicultural magazines in Toronto, Canada use more than one language. These are magazines that shed light on ethnic groups and cultural differences in Canada, their objective being to create a voice and awareness of the different communities with different ethnic backgrounds and promote pride for the immigrants. However, these magazines from all places like Markham and Aurora, don’t target immigrants only. What they do is bring people together. They work together, through different languages to take part in cultural maintenance and cohesion among different ethnic groups. You will come across a multicultural newspaper bringing top Portuguese sports stories, lifestyle, fashion, and many more let us look at the top multicultural newspapers in Toronto.

National Ethnic Press

The main duty of this magazine and what it seeks is, to tell the truth, publish it and defend the right for people to speak freely and the right to no discrimination based on cultural diversity. It is the voice of the people who cannot speak for themselves, and its efforts are there to build a safe community and serve the interest of the public. This magazine has published top stories in languages beyond English and French. It has featured in more than 10 radio and TV programs. The main mission of this newspaper is to unite people despite their differences, promote political and social involvement, promote democracy and promote a better understanding of various ethnic groups in Canada.

Multicultural Media

This is another Community newspaper that focuses on ethnic groups, especially the minorities. It comes in two Canadian official languages, English and French, but features other languages too. It creates a voice for certain ethnic groups, their backgrounds, and fosters cultural pride and social justice among these groups in Canada. The main aim of this newspaper is to encourage cohesion by eliminating isolation sentiments among the dominant groups in the country. Today, this magazine is available across different places like Mississauga, Newmarket, and others. It is available in small newspapers and even broadcasting stations.

Corriere Canadese

This is a newspaper written in Italian and published in Ontario, Toronto. However, its distribution is exclusive and only available in Quebec and Ontario. In short, you can only get the newspaper in Greater Montreal and Greater Toronto. It is another ethnic paper discussing ethnic issues and news all over the country.

Salam Toronto

This multicultural newspaper is bilingual and shares two languages, Persian and English. The newspaper has been in the market since its first publication in 2000. In its first publication in 2000, the newspaper earned the position of being the very first ethnic newspaper. Actually, it was the first to be elected as a board member in the Ontario Community Newspapers Association.

Vapaa Sana

In 1931, Vapaa Sana was founded in Ontario Toronto as a weekly newspaper. It featured two languages with a Finnish-Canadian theme. However, it was closed in 2012, surviving as the oldest newspaper founded in North America.
Other top multicultural newspapers include:

  • Bengali Times
  • Punjabi Post
  • Can-India News
  • Bejsment (Polish)

There are hundreds of ethnic newspapers in Canada and Toronto in specific. The papers have increased in popularity, and a lot has changed in the stories they cover and the way the management runs them. However, these papers aim to promote a positive image of the ethnic groups and report crime and conflict in the communities.

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