Top Lifestyle Magazines in Toronto

If you are a person interested in the lifestyle in Canada, reading lifestyle magazines can be good. These magazines cover everything to do with the lifestyle of the people in Canada and across the globe. You will come across top news stories and everything that has to do with life. Here are the top lifestyle magazines in Toronto.

Milenio Stadium

If you love top Portuguese sports stories and everything that has to do with Portugal, this is the best magazine. Milenio stadium is dedicated to providing all kinds of news both in English and Portuguese. It is a magazine that does not provide a language barrier, and you can know everything from fashion, lifestyle, sports, entertainment, football, and many more.

Today’s Parent

This magazine has been a source of information on parenting since 1984. Whether you are in Pickering, Whitby, or Halton Hills, you can get this magazine at your disposal. It talks about parenting and the chaos and peace of having a family. If you are pregnant or just started raising your newborn baby, this magazine will give you detailed information about behavior, education, health, discipline, and nutritious recipes.


For over 70 years, this magazine has been providing information to women on areas like décor, food, health, work, beauty, women’s issues, and style. So, if you are 18+ years and a woman, this is the magazine for you.

Hello Canada

This magazine was launched by Eduardo Sanchez in 1988. It is a weekly magazine covering celebrity and royal news. If you want to know about the lives of celebrities and the royals in Hollywood, this is your magazine. It also carries photo galleries of royal events and red carpets. You will also find tips and recommendations on fashion and style, not forgetting beauty launches. In short, there is ample advice on lifestyle in Hello! Magazine.

STYLE Canada

If you are a style seeker, STYLE Canada is the best digital platform you can visit. The best thing is that you can access it anywhere whether you are in Clarington, Brock, or Oshawa. For many people STYLE magazine is more like life and not just a source of lifestyle and fashion information. It is a platform dedicated to providing stimulating information on day-to-day life. The magazine has been in service since 2016 and has done a great job in providing new ideas in the lifestyle spectrum. Browse through their many categories, including fashion culture, home, and beauty.

NOW Magazine

NOW Toronto is another perfect weekly magazine published in Ontario, Toronto, Canada. If you are interested in knowing about real estate, musicals, food and drinks, culture, and everything to do in Toronto, check out NOW magazine.


Do you love reading about flare, celebrities, beauty and style, politics and so much more? Flare magazine has your back. It brings you all kinds of information on these categories. Whether you are into politics or a style-curious person, Flare Magazine has everything you need to know.


These are the top lifestyle magazines in Toronto and across Canada. If you are interested in the life of people from all over the world or love things to do with fashion and style, you can never go wrong with these top magazines.

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