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What’s next for you?

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Sitting around the kitchen table contemplating life and trying to look forward, one may ask…  “have l fulfilled my Canadian dream?” Or… “what is my definition of the dream that gives me and my family safety and security? I guess everyone’s dream of success may differ from person to person, but my dream changes constantly. Let me explain.

The Canadian Dream… Is there such a thing? From where l sit, the Canadian dream is just a blip in time or maybe the dream was just a passing phase. The Canadian Dream should be the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society in which upward mobility is possible for everyone. The Canadian Dream is achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.The Canadian Dream promises freedom and equality. It offers the freedom to make big and small decisions that affect one’s life, the freedom to aspire to bigger and better things and the possibility of achieving them, plus the freedom to accumulate wealth, access to education and healthcare, the opportunity to lead a dignified life, and the freedom to live in accordance with one’s values (even if those values are not widely held or accepted), have been cited as elements of the dream.

Today, homeownership is frequently cited as an example of attaining the dream. It is a symbol of financial success and independence, and it means the ability to control one’s own dwelling instead of being subject to the whims of a landlord. Owning a business and being one’s, boss also may represent the Canadian dream. Homeownership has steadily increased over time in the country, reflecting a key aspect of owning your own property as a sign of achieving success.

Housing prices have gone through the roof and homeownership in many of the major Canadian cities where all the jobs are situated are unattainable. This part of the dream may never be available to many, and renting is the only option.

Let’s look at some alternative ways to look at this dream….

Start living again and stop going through the motions. Due to where we are in this global climate and coming out of COVID-19, the world has changed drastically and may never be the same again. Because of this and economic effects, the way we live and survive…the dream will result in never being achieved and thus the need to be refocused.

Traditionally, the Canadian Dream has revolved around milestones such as parenthood, homeownership, and retirement, but according to a new study by Indigo research, the dream is going in a greener direction. When asked what is most important to them personally, a third of Canadians (33%) focused on providing for their loved ones, while only slightly fewer said they were most interested in enjoying life right now (29%). Whichever way you cut it, most folks still go back to the basics of protecting their families and living a comfortable lifestyle as opposed to making the environment or similar issues a priority.

The Canadian Dream should be realistic and obtainable, and yes, it’s nice to dream about the big picture, but be realistic. Try to live in the moment and enjoy all that good around you now, because tomorrow may never come.

The Canadian Dream is something that most folks want to ensure their futures are fulfilled in a safe environment. Many canadians have been painting a beautiful and glorious picture about their country selling an idea of a world in which they would like to live. And this is very understandable as canadians are surrounded by a truly beautiful landscape. Canadians are a great and generous people… and one should hold onto it to all values that make Canada great.

But are Canadians really working to reach this ideal dream?

Many Canadians don’t seem to understand that to make a dream come true they have to work toward reaching the dream they have in mind instead of just dreaming the dream. And to work to make a dream come true we have to be alert and remove all obstacles that prevent this dream from becoming reality.

Forget about the Canadian Dream and focus on what you want to do today. Leave the past where it should be, learn from it, but keep a realistic approach to your future…. live in the present moment with joy and gratitude.

Be grateful for what you have today!

Vince Nigro/MS

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