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Trudeau and the Liberals know how to stay in power…

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The Trudeau family has a winning history of getting elected and staying in power….
Regardless of what you think of our current Prime Minister and his policies or methods of doing business, he has a way of sticking around and using our political process of staying in power at all costs. The Liberals whether you are a follower or not do know how to win elections. Justin Trudeau is not a chip off the old block, but he does have political foresight and a pretty good sense of reading the political tea leaf’s when it comes to survival and staying in power.

This past week, the Liberals and the NDP have struck a deal that benefits both parties and their leaders both politically and personally. Let me explain what l mean about this…. with this deal both parties stay in power and the Liberals will be running this country like it has a majority government. Trudeau sticks around for another three years before the next election, and the NDP leader fulfills his mandate to hit his pension requirements to a full indexed pension when he decides to leave office. This deal helps both accomplish their real motives by taking advantage to a political system that always benefits the folks in power.

This move has been stated in the media that it will benefit the Conservatives and their party moving forward with this deal done by the Liberals and the NDP. From where l sit, l feel that it’s the total opposite, and the Conservative party will be always trying to catch up. This move will stall the conservative movement for years to come and give the Liberals time to keep reassessing their political positions and buying time for the next election. In the meantime, whoever wins the conservative leadership will be sitting around for a least three years before the next election. The conservative leader will be sitting around and trying to force an election before it’s time.

Trudeau clearly found himself between a rock and a hard place, attempting to balance how to de-escalate certain situations between the trucker protests and how he handled the vaccine issue throughout the past couple of years. He has always walked a fine line on many of the crucial topics that have faced our nation over the past two years but has always found a way to weasel out of these political issues. His political instincts are so good and generally his timing has continued to keep him in office. Once you get into office, staying is the tougher thing to accomplish and this guy knows how to stay.

Canada and our Prime Minister on a global stag has mixed reviews of his existing position here in Canada. Trudeau is seen as a very weak leader by many countries when it comes to a leader that has a global respect. His age originally was something that was given to him as a pass, but over the years his weak decisions and moves have gotten him into some hot water and especially the American media has said some not-so-great things about our leader. Fox news although it is considered to have a conservative position on news and opinion, but this network has severely criticized him on many of his decisions. The protesters got global media and Trudeau was lambasted on this network which got picked up nationally. Tucker Carlson in particular was over the top with his commentary of Trudeau and our country. He did cross the line, his remarks were warranted, but not to these extremes. If you want to see more, you can google Tucker Carlson and see for yourself what he said about Trudeau….worth catching.

The biggest winner from a Canadian perspective on the global stage has been China with its strong hold on Trudeau and much of the policies that have been bent in favor of China and its strong positions in Canada. The biggest move is selling off Canadian oil and gas companies to Chinese interests. Indirectly, Russian partnerships with China is a very disturbing relationship where China and Russia are moving in the same direction with these two countries secretly controlling our country. It may sound like conspiracy, but we need to acknowledge the possibilities and the possible outcomes. Because of this real relationship, many other countries see this as a leader that is weak and controllable.

Trudeau has pledged to stand steadfast with allied countries and he introduced sanctions against individual members of the Russian Federation Council. Trudeau made the announcement in Brussels where he was to address the European Parliament, a NATO summit and attended a G7 meeting. In all three gatherings, member countries discussed how to put an end to the Russian military operation in Ukraine as the war enters its second month with no end in sight. These moves by Trudeau on the world stag has no real impact aside from being politically correct and on the right side of this issue. However, he normally tends to flip flop on many of these issues and is seen as a very weak leader with no real support.

Canada’s role on the global stag is very weak at best. However, Trudeau always finds a political way to maneuverer his way into power. This week Trudeau sealed a deal to entrench his legacy. This Prime Minister’s legacy was never going to be about balanced budgets or spending restraint. Even now with a Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s not going to be about increasing Canada’s military spending – even if that is to be expected. Trudeau will surely see his potential legacy as revolving around climate-change policy and social programs, in particular the $10 a day childcare program now being put into place.

Trudeau saw the chance for an agreement that promised the time and space to work on that legacy without the threat that he will find himself fighting an election over the next 10 months and he grabbed it. The next election won’t come until 2025, and in theory, that would also allow for a transition to a new Liberal leader.
Regardless of what you may think of Trudeau….he knows how to win at everyone’s expense.

Vincent Black/MS

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