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The holiday season can be a difficult time for many of us…

To our beloved readers and followers of Milénio Stadium, may the upcoming holiday season be safe, loving, healthy and with those around you most treasured, family and friends…

The reality is that the holiday season for many is a difficult unpleasant time of the year. Many feel isolated and lonely.

I recall vividly my most precious holidays seasons were years ago when I would spend with friends who like me were living alone independent of their families, their distance and or lack of compassion.

Those years in the 90’s, where my place of living became a place of temporary fulfillment and joyful company. Many of us, single unattached from family would gather, celebrate the most simple joys of life and treasure those around us, as if they were simply ‘our family’. Dec 25th Christmas Day evening was the chosen day. We would laugh, dance, eat and yes drink but most of all re choice that in that moment we had each other.

Some of us had family living locally but our most sacred moment was when we would meet and share the joyous season and embrace that for reason of joy, we were all together. It was simple, real and so beautifully transparent. All of life pressures were for that moment placed aside and we collectively celebrated our individual strengths and faults without prejudice, prosecution and or negative opinions.

Some of us have left this world, just this year we lost a few. And with each one of them passing, my heart grows heavier and yet nostalgic that those were the best days of my life’…

So, while you are ‘gifted and blessed’ to have those around you that are truly special, say a prayer, a blessing for many whom on these treasured days walk alone.

God Bless / Happy Holidays

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