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Should l be switching to a witch doctor?

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Alternative medicine or treatments are much more prominent than one would think…

Age groups do not matter any longer because whether you are young, middle aged or older… folks have either tried some type of alternative medicine or are thinking about trying it. To get a permanent doctor or to try to navigate the medical system is a nightmare and it’s not getting any easier. Many people are turning to alternative treatments and are finding that it’s a great option. The basic principle behind many kinds of alternative medicines is balance.

Acupuncture, tai chi, and various forms of energy medicine are designed to bring the body into balance, which in theory, can help restore health. The principle of balance is an important one to keep in mind when considering alternative medicine for yourself or a loved one. There are many benefits of using complementary and alternative medicine for a wide variety of conditions, but there are also things to be cautious of. Before trying out any new therapy, it is a good idea to consider the pros and cons.

Traditional medicine views disease as a distinct entity from the person who carries it. The growing trend toward specialization in medicine has led to many treatment advances, but also has distanced physicians from the healthy parts of their patients. A key difference between traditional and alternative medicine is that most forms of alternative medicine emphasize whole-body care. Practitioners of alternative medicine address not just the physical body but also the patient’s emotional and spiritual health. Alternative medicine practitioners often offer patients a great deal of personal attention. Traditional physicians can be strapped for time and pressured by insurance companies and packed waiting rooms. Alternative medicine practitioners, because of different philosophies and fee structures, typically place greater emphasis on one-on-one attention.

Another draw to alternative medicine is its focus on prevention. Whereas traditional medicine tends to intervene once disease is present, many types of alternative medicine encourage patients to have well visits, treatments that are focused on preventing disease before it occurs, in advance of being cared for when sick. Funding for research studies on alternative medicine is growing. But compared with traditional medicine methods, evidence is still limited, which has left many questions unanswered. Even with these unanswered questions, these types of alternative medicine are a chance many would take to try and feel better or get that edge. On a personal note, regarding the use of alternative medicine, l have an open mind to it and l personally have tried and used alternative treatments.

Finding that edge or that natural high both physically and mentally is what we are all trying to seek out and alternative techniques and medicine have made this transition smoother. The beauty of these alternative approaches is that they work in sync with your body and mind. A big part of alternative medicine and its approaches is the mind body connection which is important to our overall health. Your brain produces substances that can improve your health. These substances include endorphins, which are natural painkillers, and gamma globulin, which strengthens your immune system.

Research shows that what your brain produces depends in part on your thoughts, feelings, and expectations. If you’re sick but you have hope and a positive attitude and you believe that you’ll get better, your brain is likely to produce chemicals that will boost your body’s healing power. Negative thoughts and emotions can keep your brain from producing some of the chemicals that help your body heal. But this doesn’t mean you should blame yourself for getting sick or feeling down about a health problem. Some illnesses are beyond your control. But your thoughts and state of mind are resources you can use to get better.

Unfortunately, there are some serious illnesses that still need traditional medicine and therapy such as cancer and other issues that need radiation or other alternative forms of traditional medicine. But the long-term gap is widening between alternative medicine and traditional western style medicine. There is room for both to exist, but the lobbyists that represent the pharmaceutical industry are pushing for traditional medicine because the typical general doctor will continually prescribe drugs. The marketplace for drugs through the pharmaceutical companies is so big that they are untouchable. However, alternative herbs, vitamins, drinks and more are catching up and the alternative marketplace is also exploding.

For me, alternative methods have helped me get better as I age, and aside from a bit of time and some expense, the journey may well be worth it.

Vincent Black/MS

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