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Ruby Anderson: Ready to take her place in music

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The slender, beautiful figure of young Ruby Anderson that takes the stage, quickly transforms into the powerful woman who, with her deep voice, carries a maturity that surprises those who listen. The path she has taken already guarantees that her future will be in music. The dedication, the willingness to learn, and the desire to continue to make a difference gives consistency to the work developed (always alongside with her the High School studies), which has guaranteed the release of several songs (via streaming), with the precious help and guidance of the entire team at MDC Music and, in particular, her producer and agent Reno Silva.

Ruby Anderson is a name that should not be forgotten. The path to the stars is opening for her talent and if the business surrounding this world of music is fine-tuned, this young Lusodescendant (on her mother’s side) has much to shine and make us proud. At the IPMA, which will take place this weekend in Providence, USA, she will have, for the second time, the opportunity to present all her talent to the world, opening unique windows of visibility.

In this conversation, Ruby Anderson shows her confident side, amidst the fragility of a beginner, and gives clear signs that she is ready to face the obstacles that she knows she will have to overcome in this world of an artist’s music life. Yes, because there are still “many hills to climb”.

Milénio Stadium: These days the music world suffers a bit from a kind of bipolarity – on the one hand, it is still very difficult for a young singer (like you) to make a name for herself, on the other hand, the online world opens a giant window of opportunity. How has your path been so far? Do you think that the window of opportunity is already open for you as a singer?
Ruby Anderson: I believe that it has. I do agree that this industry has it’s share of give and take. It’s difficult to get your start but if you do get your foot in the door, social media helps guide your following along and it can give them some sense of intimacy as well, like they know you as a friend. So far, I would say that my path has had it’s ups and downs, and it has a lot more room to grow but I’m very grateful of the progress that I’ve made up until today.

MS: Live shows are the main source of income for singers today. You have already had the opportunity to present your music and your voice in several important places. How do you feel on stage? Do you feel that your music is well-received by the public?
RA: I feel energized and excited to be onstage. I will admit, I’m always nervous before all my gigs but once I get on that stage, it feels like a second home, and I can thank my audience for that as well. So yes, I would say that my music is well-received by the public and of course, in concert, you can hear the crowd’s reaction.

MS: IPMA is coming up and you will again have the opportunity to show your work in the USA. What impact has IPMA had on your career?
RA: The IPMAs have given me such a great opportunity to meet other artists from across the globe and I loved getting to share my music with them and getting to listen to what they have to share.

MS: I believe that you have a dream of becoming a well-known and recognized singer. What do you think it will take for you to achieve this goal?
RA: It will definitely take a lot of hard work and persistence. There will be many hills to climb and so much adversity to see through but if it happens for me, then I know my hard work will have proven itself. But regardless, I will always be grateful for the people I have in my life wherever it be the people I work and collaborate with or my personal supporters. But for sure, it will take a lot of hard work and faith in myself.

MS: What can we expect from Ruby’s near future?
RA: I’m excited to announce that while I’ll be performing my new song “Saturday Night” on the IPMA stage on May 20th, I’ll also be releasing it and it’s music video that same night so I’m thrilled to share that with everyone.

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