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Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame… 2023



A very special year to be inducted into this year’s class for 2023…
The PCWOF was the genesis of Manuel DaCosta many moons before its first induction ceremonies in 2013 with a vision that he had in bringing some jimelight to those who excelled in society. He turned this idea/vision into reality and on June 10, 2013 the first group of inductees was honored. Those individuals were Michael Nobrega, Nelly Furtado, and Antonio Santos e Sousa. They were the founding inductees and to this day, Mr. Nobrega stays active on the board of directors.

From the first set of inductees that were selected to the PCWOF in 2013, the past ten years have been interesting times in selecting and honoring folks from different walks of life and career backgrounds. From entertainment to sports, business and politics are just a small sampling of what is represented on the walk of fame. There was a two year stop with COVID-19 having a significant effect on all of our lives, but we started up again in 2022 with induction ceremonies honoring six nominees. These honored inductees and the rest of the entire cast from 2013 right up to 2023 can all be seen on our web site at www.PCWOF.com

Mr. DaCosta’s way of giving back to the Portuguese community is through the PCWOF to highlight and make aware many accomplishments within the Portuguese communities in Canada and these accomplishments need to be recognized and honored. He also wanted other folks from the Portuguese community to be aware of these accomplishments and make sure that we all take note and use these inductees as a way to encourage our youth.
This year’s inductees being welcomed into the PCWOF are associated with very special commemorative year marking the 70th anniversary of Portuguese first touching ground on Canadian soil. This year’s celebrations along with the inductions of Jack Oliveira, Ema Dantas, and Dr. Jose Carlos Teixeira, and in the builder’s category, Tony De Sousa are all reflective of what these individuals have contributed to society in Canada.

The first 70 years of assembling in Canada are only the first chapter in this journey with many more blocks of distinct accomplishments to come. These distinctive and important milestones are in relative terms first steps of many more to come with the next chapters still to be written.

We have accomplished much so far in fields from entertainment to business, health care and labor movements.
Our new generations and beyond will keep breaking the barriers and enter all fields that will continue to keep our community proud and respected by all.

Much of what we are doing through the PCWOF, and other celebrations are just a small ongoing acknowledgement of all our accomplishments that give hope and encouragement to our youth to take these first steps and reflect on those that have come before us.

As you are reading this column, please take note that if you know of anyone within the Portuguese communities in Canada that deserve to be recognized for their accomplishments, please do not hesitate to reach out to the PCWOF Committee and make them aware of these individuals and their accomplishments. When you visit our web site, we explain how that process works with full transparency and forthrightness. It is very simple to get involved and nominate someone that you feel deserves to be at least highlighted and possibly a future inductee.
At this point in its history of the PCWOF l want to also extend a thank you to all the past committee members that have contributed its time and efforts to help make the Portuguese Canadian Walk of Fame the success that it is today. I encourage you to visit the PCWOF that is located at 722 College Street on the eastern portion of the building where the inductees are portrayed along with other iconic aspects including a new addition in the “Guardian Angel” statue by Paulo Neves that will be unveiled on May 13, 2023 at 3.30pm. As Paulo Neves so eloquently quotes Michelangelo…” I saw the angel in the marble and carved until l set him free” was the inspiration for this iconic piece. You will need to see it and what a better time than this Saturday May 13, 2023.
The first 70 years have been at times difficult and at times rewarding. However, the challenge is to learn from the past, respect the present accomplishments and strive to do much better for the next 70 years. We should all embrace these two days of May 13 and May 14, 2023 as we move forward and the best is still to come.


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