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Murder on The Orient Express….

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Do you really think that its coincidental that Trump loses the election and a vaccine is announce a few days later that may have a 90 % cure rate…?

Do you think that its coincidental that China has shut down their boarder and Covid-19 is almost vanished in China and they are the only country supplying PPE inventory?

Do you think that its coincidental that China had a major influence in Biden getting elected with the CCP now opening up for business with the United States and no backlash with what has happened in the world today?

These questions and much more are all part of a global conspiracy theory that a select few are working with the CCP to control the world markets and our every move and much more.

As scientist race to develop a vaccine against the disease, worrying reports have emerged that many people may refuse to get one once it is available. Conspiracy theories about potential vaccines have circulated among anti-vax groups, the claim is that any Covid-19 vaccine will kill millions and that other vaccines have done so. I believe that Bill Gates has a secret plan to use vaccines to implant trackable microchips in people and have us all tracked and controlled in many instances.

Yes, you read that correctly, that Bill Gates and to a lesser extend George Soros are the two main culprits behind this unbelievable global reset with total control including one global currency and one global power. It was far from the first time that Soros, a billionaire philanthropist and a frequent target of conspiracies about Jews controlling the world, has popped up as part of a conspiracy theory portraying Soros as using Ukraine as a playing field to undermine Trump’s campaign. Trump’s team and other Republicans have been working to tie Soros to nefarious plots to intervene in U.S. affairs for quite some time.

There’s no question that China, from sources and through the internet have weaponized information about the origins of the virus-be it fact, rumour, or outright lunacy – to advance a political agenda. Trump has referred to the virus as the “Chinese virus” and the “Wuhan virus,” part of a broader effort to dodge for its spread in the United States. There are, however, many legitimate questions to ask about China’s lack of transparency. The United States intelligence community reportedly believes that the Chinese government has grossly understated the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak in the country, and it’s far from alone in that assessment.

According to many sources, Covid-19 doesn’t actually exist, but is a plot by the globalist elite to take away our freedoms. Early weaker versions of this theory were prevalent on the political right in the notion that the novel coronavirus would be no worse than flu and later versions are now influencing anti-lockdown protests across several states in the United States. Another possibility is the deep state of Americas elite has plotted to undermine the presidency and that Dr. Fauci, the face of the United States coronavirus pandemic response is a secret member and is one of the soldiers of Bill Gates and George Soros. If you are putting all the dots together, they all lead back to Bill Gates and George Soros money and influence.

Big pharma and Bill Gates, along with Dr. Fauci who is on the Gates foundation board are working with big pharma when it comes to the distribution of the vaccine with the tracing component in it… big pharma are a staple of anti-vaccination narratives, so it is hardly surprising that they have transmitted into the age of the coronavirus. Big pharma and the manufacturing of future and existing drugs all come out of China, with 70% of all drugs worldwide are manufactured in China.

China is now seen as the next candidate for the superpower distinction, with some actually asserting that China has aims to take over the world. Language like that can make China’s intentions seem sinister, and even thought some politicians and economists may believe the country is plotting for world domination, what’s more likely afoot is that China is in a two-way fight with the United States for the most foreign interests. These interests serve a purpose, but what they all add up to is control of foreign resources and commodities, as well as in a militaristic sense.

The Chinese have manipulated western politicians and business leaders into thinking China was evolving toward democracy and capitalism. In fact, the intent was to acquire our capital, technology, and other resources for use in China’s own modernization. The CCP backed by a few are on course to control the marketplace and the world. The new world order is one that didn’t happen overnight but has been in the works for years.

This new world order along with Gates and Soros money and influence will control the global population and will have a human chip installed in most of the population. There collaboration with China will dominate a one system ruling party. This conspiracy theory may seem far-fetched to you, but if you follow the money and connect the dots, they all lead back to the China Gates domination of the world.

Politics is a rich man’s game…

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