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Magellan Community Foundation… It’s Yours to Lose

It’s the right thing to do….

This week Magellan Community Foundation launched officially the campaign to get this wonderful complex built that has been many years in the making. There has been much talk within the Portuguese community of building a long-term care facility and making it a reality, but for one reason or another, it never seemed to come together until now.

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This long-term care facility or seniors living, whatever you wish to call it, is here now and we need all to pull together to make it happen. There is always political maneuvering around these long-term care facilities with folks from the community trying to jockey for popularity around these projects, but putting that aside, we as a community need to rally around this project because it is something we as a community do not want to fail on.

The Portuguese community as l have expressed my thoughts and concerns from the past about the community not working together and fueling animosities amongst each other for whatever reasons, these feuding words or attempts to disrupt things or projects from the past should be put aside and the entire community should put all their personal feelings aside and get behind this wonderful, once in a lifetime project. Because when you stop to think about this new endeavor for the community, all personal biases and criticism should be thrown out the window and we can make this dream a reality.

This week the fund-raising campaign has been kicked off officially for Magellan and you are in a position now to contribute to this cause, even if it’s one dollar or more, please consider a contribution. Whether you can afford a minimum donation or something significant all contributions will be accepted and appreciated. We here at Milénio will also on a consistent basis show you how the campaign is going, and you will be brought up to date on all contributions and how the campaign is doing. Milénio will be totally engaged with fund-raising, but we will also keep you posted on all fronts with regards to the progress of this project.

Campaigns for money are never easy, especially coming out of this COVID-19 situation, but we as a community cannot have this fail. My challenge to you as you are reading this article is to please consider any forms of help you can give to this great and worthy cause because it’s not only about the money, but your involvement will be much needed. If you are ever going to consider any form of contribution or support, please keep this project in mind and your support will not go unnoticed.

Taking care of our elders is always been a cornerstone for many societies, especially the Japanese community which considers their elderly population a major plus to their way of life. Seniors should be appreciated for what they have contributed to us and the making of many of our communities. This Centre will be the first and only Centre devoted specifically to Portuguese-speaking seniors. This innovative and fresh community at Lansdowne and Bloor will offer seniors a new hope and worthiness right here in our community. This Centre will offer all residents a sense of security in a familiar and caring atmosphere. These residents will be supported by a wide range of services and feel comfortable with their surroundings. This Centre will also give them a sense of cultural identity that will make them feel right at home and the opportunities to participate in community-base activities will be offered and supervised in an environment that will have love and support.

The new Magellan community that will be established at Bloor and Lansdowne will be in my opinion a fresh and worthy Centre to be proud of with unbelievable amenities. This Centre will make sure that our loved ones will be cared for in a home-like setting, they will be offered state-of-the-art programs and they will have resources available that may not be offered elsewhere. Families will be better informed about and the quality of care which makes it first-rate.

Magellan Community Foundation is a not-for-profit and registered charity that supports the core work of Magellan Community Charities in developing a state-of-the-art seniors Centre right here in our own backyard. The Portuguese-speaking support and resources will also be available to anyone that would need that support and care. This service alone is a big bonus to the community where communication is always a factor and choosing where your parent will ultimately be placed is important to all of us. These small and very important factors may seem trivial but are so important to the long-term care and quality of life for our seniors.

The total cost to build the Magellan Centre is estimated to be around $84 million and this project will mainly be funded through federal loans, grants and a mortgage and other forms of government assistance from all levels including the City of Toronto granting the community to get the land at a very low cost. The provincial government kicking in the subsidies for the beds and much more….so the three levels of government are all contributing to this Centre, but this campaign has a shortfall of money that will need to be made up by the community…and that is you and l making our contributions. The projected short fall will be in the neighborhood of about $15 million and that will need to be raised by us through a capital campaign that has been officially kicked of this week.

The Portuguese community is a very proud community with a wonderful history of traditions that seem to be appreciated much more recently. We need to take care of our elders and this wonderful new Magellan project is something that we cannot fail on…. our elders need us. Whether its someone that you know that will need these services, but you as well may one day need the Magellan Centre.

The Magellan Community Foundation is something that you need to consider supporting… you can find out more about the project by visiting … www.magellancommunitycharities.ca or [email protected] or call 437-914-9110 and speak to someone that will answer all your questions.

Please consider supporting this very worthwhile cause because …

It’s the right thing to do!

Vincent Black/MS

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