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Two weeks ago, Bruce McArthur was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the killing of 8 gay men in Toronto’s Gay Village.

The police felt victorious that they had caught this serial killer but failed to outline the serious errors made in the investigation, suggesting that what matters in the end was that justice was served. 25 years for the killing of 8 men is justice? Perhaps they should ask the men’s families.

What a contrast of views on how this case has developed. There is a killer who everyone that knew him thought was a normal, hardworking individual. After all, he planted flowers and trees to beautify people’s homes. Knowing a killer must not be easy and I suppose all of us may know one without realizing it, but were there not any signs of McArthur’s deviant behaviour? How does an individual develop conditions in his mind that he feels the need to kill in such macabre ways? Then, he pleads guilty so that he doesn’t have to explain himself.

The police had some clues that something was amiss because the gay community was sending warning signals, which for the most part, were ignored. Could the police’s priorities in this case have been tainted due to the fight over the Gay Pride parade?

The LGBT community still feel that the police don’t respect them. Although the rest of the community appear to respect the advances made by the LGBT movement, there appears that members of the LGBT community don’t respect each other, and the parade organization is in disarray.

With now legal and open gay marriages and people “coming out” without fear, the gay world appears to be perfect. But is it? Many still complain of discrimination and lack of acceptance.
In the Portuguese-Canadian community, there are complaints that there is no inclusion and topics of involving the LGBT movement are taboo – plus, no recognition in the media. Perhaps historically they haven’t helped themselves and it’s time that organizations such as Arco Íris legitimize their approach to a community, which remains largely unaccepting due to the views of the Christian Churches. Acceptance happens when views and actions show integrity and maturity. There is a need for a voice in the community, which will educate those with closed minds to the reality of life.

The first ever crime in Canada (New France) for the crime of homosexuality took place in 1648. In 2005, marriages between same sex couples was approved in the legislature. Currently, every province has adopted language to protect gay rights under the constitution.

The initialism LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of sexuality and gender-identity based cultures. Other initialisms are LGBT and LGBTQ, which encompass other spectrums of sexuality and gender.

It’s time that we embrace the world which LGBT represents. They should not live in fear of violence and discrimination. Serial killers like Bruce McArthur do not happen often, but happen once too many. The world keeps changing but acceptance of others regardless of sex, race or religion is imperative for a peaceful world.

Manuel DaCosta


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