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Call of Elections seen by Conservatives candidates Irresponsible and unnecessary

Call of Elections seen by Conservatives candidates-canada-mileniostadium
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After years of Liberal domination, Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives are looking to regain power. As told to Milénio Stadium by Mark Johnson – Conservative Candidate/Scarborough-Agincourt and Michael Ras – Conservative Candidate/Mississauga Lakeshore, Justin Trudeau’s call for an early election is seen by Conservative candidates as an irresponsible decision, seeing it was made in the middle of a pandemic. Still, they say they are prepared to take over and trust that Canadians will give the Conservative Party the opportunity to put Canada’s Recovery Plan into practice. This is, actually, the great “flag” that the Conservatives are raising in this electoral campaign. It is, after all, the strategy they have designed to ensure the post-pandemic economic recovery, guaranteeing more jobs and more finance for Canadians, and ensuring that the country will be prepared to face similar situations that may occur in the future.

Milénio Stadium: We already are in the middle of an election campaign – the elections scheduled for September 20 will take place in the middle of a pandemic, with the threat of a fourth wave looming. In your opinion, is this anticipation justified?

Call of Elections seen by Conservatives candidates-canada-mileniostadium
Mark Johnson, Conservative Candidate/Scarborough-Agincourt. Crédito: DR.

Mark Johnson:  The calling of the election in the middle of a pandemic was very irresponsible on the part of Trudeau.  The election wasn’t wanted or needed by anyone.

Michael Ras: Calling an election in a pandemic was an unnecessary and reckless decision by Justin Trudeau, but we’re ready. Canadians are looking for leadership and a plan to get us out of this pandemic. Erin O’Toole and Canada’s Conservatives are the only alternative to secure the future, restore competence, transparency and accountability to government, and ensure Canada is never unprepared for a crisis again.

MS: The pandemic will be for better or worse one of the main themes of the campaign. How will it influence the election results of the Conservative Party?

MJ:  There’s no question that the pandemic and how we all get through it is the number one issue in the campaign.   The Liberals botched the vaccine delivery and the early rollout.  We Conservatives have the comprehensive plan to get Canada back on track.  We’re hopeful Canadian will recognize this and vote for us.

MR: The pandemic is precisely why we introduced Canada’s Recovery Plan. We’re offering a plan to secure jobs and the economy, tackle the mental health crisis and make sure that our country is never again unprepared for a pandemic.

MS: Can the Federal Government’s handling of the crisis, triggered by the pandemic, and then the vaccination plan in Canada help Trudeau get the absolute majority he wants?

Call of Elections seen by Conservatives candidates-canada-mileniostadium
Michael Ras, Conservative Candidate Mississauga Lakeshore. Crédito: DR.

MJ: I think it’ll be the opposite.  Their incompetence and mismanagement of the crisis will deny them the majority, if not result in their defeat.

MR: When COVID-19 hit, Justin Trudeau wasn’t ready. He and his government made bad decisions that cost lives and crippled our economy.We must never again be caught as unprepared as we were when COVID hit last year. Canada’s Conservatives will make Canada more resilient, reduce our reliance on foreign countries like China, and take seriously our responsibility to protect the health of Canadians.

MS: The implementation of the Covid-19 passport has been a hot topic at national level. Some provinces have already announced that they are going to adopt it, but others, such as Ontario, started by declaring their refusal to this idea, and now it has come to light that there is some retreat from the position initially defended by Doug Ford. What do you think about this issue and specifically about the position taken by the Premier of Ontario?

MJ: The issue of vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations is moving really fast now.  Whether we politicians like it or not, this is a global issue.  We want everyone to be fully vaccinated.  As for Premier Ford’s position, I really can’t speak to any details of it.  At the provincial level, things are moving super fast as well.

MR: Vaccines are a safe and effective tool to stop the spread of COVID-19. We encourage every Canadian who is able to get one. A Conservative government will require unvaccinated Canadian passengers to present a recent negative test result or pass a rapid test before getting on a bus, train, plane, or ship.

MS: What significant changes could happen in the lives of Canadians with an eventual Conservative victory?

MJ: Getting back to normal as fast as possible.  Recovering from the damage done by Covid-19.  That’s our number one goal.  That’s the plan.

MR: The last few months have seen an alarming increase in prices. With inflation rising, families are struggling to make ends meet. Canada’s Conservatives have a detailed plan to lower prices and help families. I invite you to read Canada’s Recovery Plan to learn more about our plans to make life more affordable for Canadians.

MS: In your opinion, what stands out the most from the election program presented by the Conservative Party?

MJ:  Its laser-focus on Covid-19 recovery.  Across the board in every area of the federal government.  That’s the top issue.

MR: Canada’s Recovery Plan is a serious plan that will help Canadians and get our country back on track. It will tackle the mental health crisis, secure jobs for Canadians who want to get back to work, ensure that we’re prepared for future pandemics and end Liberal corruption in Ottawa.

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