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Awakening the sleeping giant

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When l was in grade 2 my geography teacher was teaching us about Asia one day and what makes up this continent and surrounding countries …  l can still remember vividly what he said about China and its people. He said and l quote “the sleeping giant is still sleeping, but when he wakes up, watch out.”

At the time this quote stuck with me and to this day l still recall his words clearly. Even though the words stuck with me, they never resonated as much as they do today. He was telling us over 30 years ago that China is a nation to be reckoned with and when it awakes and gets going, watch out. China has always been on people’s radar, and many have considered it to be a nation that once it explodes, the rest of the world is its oyster.

In the last one hundred years and especially since October 1949, the Communist Party has not only persevered but also transformed the country into a superpower. That communism can truly promote public welfare and consolidate a nation’s unity has been demonstrated through a succession of Chinese leaders since the communists marched into Beijing in 1949.

China has over the decades gone through upheavals, often unavoidable, to strengthen the country’s economic and political base. Every revolution shakes up a society and then the revolutionary spirit settles. That time appears to have arrived, with President Xi Jinping letting the world know that China will not be bullied again. The statement is a reminder of Napoleon’s warning more than two centuries ago, “Let China sleep”, he said, “for when it wakes, it will shake the world”.

China is giving the world a shake but not to everyone’s liking. There are neighbors gripping over Beijing’s moves in the South China Sea with Chinese leadership clearly unwilling to pay attention to such worries. And then there are such issues as China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, causing considerable consternation among nations which have been recipients of Beijing’s largesse.

A hundred years after the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, China appears unstoppable which is deeply troubling for the West, as exemplified by Chinese actions in Hong Kong. Hong Kong will never be the same, and the Beijing leadership will not step back from the action taken in Hong Kong. Taiwan may not resist China’s pressure much longer. The patent truth is that China, through its rise, has brought the post-Soviet unipolar world dominated by the United States to an end. Its economy will sooner or later prevail over America’s technology, with large presence in parts of the globe, which will dominate the world.

China is very rich in natural resources….

About 10% of China is farmland. Its major crops are rice, wheat and corn, and it also produces barley, soybeans, tea, cotton, and tobacco. The country has become a world leader in the production of pigs, chicken, and eggs. China also has large herds of sheep and cattle, but the country’s population, about 25% of the world’s population, severely strains its agricultural resources. While mechanization is increasing, much of agriculture still uses traditional labor-intensive techniques. China has extensive deposits of coal, oil, and natural gas. Besides these fossil fuels, China is a top producer of aluminum, magnesium, antimony, salt, talc, coal, gold, graphite, iron and steel. It exports several of these products to the world. China also leads the world in domestic mining of gold, zinc, lead and ore.

Regardless of what you may have hear or read about China and its conspiracy theories when it comes to COVID-19, this country is a power to be reckoned with, especially now. The pipeline chain as l have stated is enormous and almost every aspect of our lives are touched by something that China produces or ships to our nations. If China decides to shut off the supply of goods, it would be devastating to all of us. The past couple of years have been a worthy test where we saw a huge impact on our food and consumer chain. There were days during COVID-19 that store shelves were empty and in part it was because China had limited product exports.

Self-sufficiency for our nations is the long-term solution and answer but making that happen over night is an impossible task. Reestablishing our stay-at-home plans both here in Canada and the United States is the long-term answer but will not happen anytime soon. China and Canada have always had a fairly decent and cordial relationship when it comes to trade and exchanging diplomatic trade. So why is relationship between China and Canada and the rest of the global countries different today? Just look at what China has both in raw materials covering the entire spectrum and their inexpensive manufacturing of products and goods unmatched anywhere else in the world and you truly get a wake up call on how well stacked they are with many of consumer needs.

They have reset the global economy and COVID-19 and other strains that we will be seeing could be part of the plan for world domination. What we have encountered over the past couple of years, one could have an argument that this is a world war and China is fighting us with science and not weapons.

Conspiracy or not…you must admit that we are in for the fight for our lives and future generations. This sleeping giant has always been there, but it now has taken over. When you smell a kill, you act swiftly and quickly and that is exactly what China is doing. China as a nation and its ruthless leadership senses the kill and is moving quickly with precision to take over. Conspiracy theories or not, you have to take China seriously and our brain trust should monitor and have backups available as the big bang will be coming and when it does, we better be prepared.

By all accounts, China is going to claim its space in all competitive fields of the world and will command the respect of the most powerful countries of the world. It is widely believed that if China continues its efforts, there will soon be no power on earth that will be able to compete with it.



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