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In today’s hustle and bustle world we seem to be taking care of everyone around us…our family, work, parents, children and on and on, but the thing that we seem not to take care of is our health. We are so busy looking after others that taking a few minutes out of each day and working on ourselves seems to be the last thing we think about.

The question is why?

An old expression says, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. That’s well and good until that provider gets sick because of his or her own anguishes. If you are reading this and this seems to be you, well then stop and take note…you must make changes or adjustments to your lifestyle.

Then the next question is how do l make those changes to my lifestyle?

Changing to a healthy lifestyle is a common goal, but where should you actually begin? After deciding you want to make a change, the next step is to believe you can do it and plan. Here are some things that have worked for me and may help you; however, you should always check with your doctor before you make any drastic changes.

Identify the bad or unhealthy habits in your life that you want to change. Then, for each habit come up with the reason you want to change…maybe its for your own mental wellbeing or so you can function within your zone. Hold yourself accountable for making those changes. Don’t blame others or a lack of time for not being able to change your bad habits.

Remove the negative triggers in your life. If social media makes you feel bad about yourself, delete the account. If drinking alcohol makes you crave a cigarette, take a break from alcohol. You probably already know what triggers your bad habits, find a way to avoid those triggers.

Believe that you can change.

Half the battle in finding success is telling yourself you can do something. Ignore your negative self-talk and replace it with a visualization of you finding success in the changes you want to make. Know that it will take time and you might have setbacks…changing isn’t easy and there might be days where you fail. Instead of letting that failure win, just continue working hard.

Also, making a plan with goals and taking baby steps is very important. Just like you have a schedule you have to follow at work or at home with certain tasks you have to complete. Your new healthy lifestyle should also have tasks and a plan to follow.

Setting healthy goals is one way to come up with a plan on how to kickstart your new healthy lifestyle. Setting goals give you something to work for and helps keep you motivated to work hard. By setting goals for yourself you give yourself something to focus on. Additionally, goals allow you to measure your progress and see how much you have achieved. When setting your goals, be realistic with yourself. If you want to quit smoking, lose weight and run a marathon it’s not going to happen overnight, or it might not even happen in a few months or a year. Not reaching those goals might be discouraging and cause you to give up. Instead start small and focus on one goal at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself. If you want to lose weight, make small goals on how to do it. Keeping a journal or tracking your progress is very important and probably the key in all you do, writing things out is time consuming and very boring, but it does work.

The ability to manage your feelings and deal with everyday stresses and difficulties can be challenging. Maintaining good mental health means occasionally putting your own needs first. We can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of our mind and body. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, start with your mental health and make sure you are finding time to relax and do things you enjoy, rewarding yourself for accomplishments and spending time with good people who value you.

Seeking professional support and treatment is one way to improve your mental health. How you think about yourself can have a huge impact on how you feel mentally and physically. Negative thoughts can do a lot of harm to your self-confidence and impact those around you as well. Try to practice positive thinking instead of negative reinforcement. Despite what the evil little voice has to say about your appearance, it’s time to replace it with a voice that is loving, reassuring, stronger and most importantly positive. Finding value in yourself is the key to a happier and healthier you.

There are a lot of diet plans out there that might work for you such as keto and so many others but eating healthy comes down to reducing your calories and including healthy foods that you already known, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats, seafood, beans and nuts. You get my drift… what has really worked for me recently over the past year is fasting for 16 hours and only eating in an 8-hour window. It’s called the 8-hour plan, give it a try if all else fails.

Regardless of what we do, you need to find that perfect formula that works for you and your physiology regardless of your gender or age. Trying to find that edge comes in different forms and once you find the formula, you need to implement it and make it a lifestyle change.

My mental edge is using and adhering to a simple word…ANTS…anti negative thoughts, stay away from these feelings and repeat this expression to yourself when you get them. This has worked for me, if may help you.

My personal journey is an ongoing challenge of exercising my mind, body and soul. I am still in search of that perfect balancing edge – getting close, but not there yet.

Mind, Body & Soul.

Vince Nigro/MS

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