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An MDC Christmas music journey

An MDC Christmas music journey-canada-mileniostadium
MDC Music artists: Dani Doucette, Peter Serrado, Tea Valentina and Ruby Anderson. Photo: MDC Music.


This year, the four MDC Music artists stepped up to the plate, both individually and together, to record Christmas music to help you celebrate the holidays in this most unique year that is 2020. While it would seem straight-forward that this collection of original songs and classic covers would’ve been something simple to pull off—something secondary in an artist’s catalogue— this exercise proved to be much more of a venture than what was first thought.

Peter Serrado lists many influences but easily singles out Bryan Adams as one of his main musical inspirations, thus the choice to highlight one of his favorite Christmas songs was an easy one. Christmas Time was a fun song to sculpt much in the way of Peter’s sound – big, brash and unapologetic. Upon finishing the song and with Warner in Scandinavia wanting to release the song as a single, the choice was made to shoot a video for the song as well. In keeping with the intention to have a simple yet festive video for the song, we took up residence in the town of St. Jacobs to shoot Peter walking around singing his heart out while candidly, people came out of the shops to hear and watch Peter. The video turned out to be a perfect complement to the song. He also recorded another cover and a personal favorite of his – River by Joni Mitchell. 

At only 16, Ruby Anderson who like Peter Serrado often gets called “an old soul” due to her classic influences did not disappoint in that regard with what can only be called an “old-school, classic-style” original song called Come Back To Me (This Christmas). Building this song was a unique and challenging experience, as the canvas was set to hark back to a Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole style song. The song is exactly that, as Ruby’s lush and full voice is supported by a warm piano and orchestra. The lyrics highlight what is not often sung about yet is something many this year are facing due to the dire circumstances in the world today—being alone at Christmas. The decision was made to make a video in once again, St. Jacobs due to its beautifully festive décor, with Ruby walking around the village mixed with additional footage shot in her home. In all, the video was a faithful representation of the song’s feel and speaks to Ruby’s persona.

MDC Music’s newest artist Dani Doucette has one of the more unique Christmas song stories, “This Christmas (You & Me)”. Upon discussing whether to record a Christmas cover or write an original song, we decided to take a stab at writing one. Incredibly, everything came pouring out and within five hours, the song was written, recorded and mixed. While this is something that rarely happens, the song was just too catchy to not attempt to put out and get play-listed. Thus, a decision was made to make a music video to accompany the song’s impending launch. The video takes place in her home with the star of the video being her dog— Oliver Griffin of the Brussel’s Griffin Pup. Highlighting many memorable moments such as a Lady & the Tramp scene, watching classic Christmas movies on the sofa, catching popcorn and dancing around the house, Dani brings so much joy and candor to the screen. 

The youngest of our development artists, 10-year-old Tea Valentina, was chosen to be included in the mix with the launch of her debut song “Christmas Day.” While Tea is about four to five years out from being launched, we felt it would be a great way to let everyone know something special is on the way. The song is an original and features a gang of kids singing the last chorus. A beautiful lyric video was made to accompany the song as well.

Most special of all was the song that was not planned—a song that would feature all four MDC Music artists. This is unique because all four artists reside in different styles and would come together not only to record this special song but to make a very special music video as well. The song would be Ruby and Peter’s first duet, with Dani and Tea singing harmonies in the bridge and last chorus. I can’t begin to tell you how special it is when these four voices unite. The choice was made to shoot the music video in a special setting, and due to the generosity of the Toronto Necropolis Church, we shot the video in a one-pass-shot getting the artists together on screen for the first time.

The world has been a much different place lately, and if only for an accommodating welcomed distraction, we offer up these songs that have so much work yet so much passion in them, to help be a soundtrack to your holiday season. Merry Christmas from all of us at MDC Music and MDC Media Group! 

Reno Silva/MS

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