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Am I ever glad to see 2019 behind me…

It would seem that you wake up one day and guess what? You are 55 years young …

Many of the past 55 years have been wonderful, fulfilling , full of gratitude and accomplishment.

2019 honestly, has sucked… Thank God it is coming to an end…

From it’s early days it has been heavy, dark and constantly throwing you curve balls. It never felt like I could get ahead of the chase. Could never have enough time for the most simple things, like time with friends, keeping healthy by hitting the gym regularly, eating properly and hitting a place of the most simple accomplishments…

What is my review of 2019…

  • Highlight Raptors winning the NBA Championship
  • Low points: too many to list
  • Honestly, the Liberals were given another mandate, but why?
  • The simplest city services are rare
  • Traffic congestion
  • Weather most of the time horrendous
  • Sports athletes like most politicians , selfish greedy and over paid
  • Too many good people have left us in 2019 leaving our community weaker

My prognosis next week for 2020 will be full of hope and aspiration.

José M. Eustáquio

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