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10 Bold Predictions for 2020…

This past year has seen a slew of ups and downs and looking forward to a new year is always good.

You may ask “why?”.

Every one of us looks for different motivating factors to keep us motivated to either be a better person or lose weight, make more money, finding that right person in your life, etc., etc.

My take on all this is happiness and getting through this very short life with whatever you are doing with some happiness, that to me is the key. Here is a daily teaching that l follow.

“Happiness is a state of being and comes from inside of you. You must become on the inside what you want on the outside. You are either choosing to be happy now, or you are making up excuses for not choosing to be happy.”

Now that that’s out of the way…here are my top 10 predictions for 2020.

  1. Justin Trudeau will resign before his term ends as Prime Minister in this newly minority government. He will hang it up and fade into mediocrity, his legacy unfortunately will not be anywhere close to the one that his father had as one of the best Prime Ministers this country has ever seen.
  2. Mike McCormack, the present head of the Toronto Police Association, will resign from his position. This resignation will not have a pleasant send off and it will be followed with a cloud of controversial issues from his past conduct and may stain his long-term legacy.
  3. The Toronto Maple Leaf’s will finally make an appearance in the finals this year. They will not win the cup, but an appearance in the cup finals is inevitable. The only reason that they don’t will be because of injuries. And if they somehow don’t make it, the GM Kyle Dubas will be fired the next day.
  4. The Toronto Blue Jay’s will be sold to a local Toronto businessman. The Rogers family will hold onto the Sky Dome real estate and redeveloped the site and eventually the new ownership group will find a new home for the new Toronto Blue Jay’s baseball club.
  5. Masai Ujiri, the President of the Toronto Raptors at years end, will sign a mega contract with the New York Knicks. He will bid a font farewell to the City of Toronto for the Big Apple, where he will eventually make them a contender and not the laughingstock of the NBA.
  6. Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, will jump into the federal arena and try his hand at federal politics. Unfortunately, he will not win, but he will give it one hell of a go. This move is a nice way to remove yourself from the provincial scene without going down in flames in the next provincial election.
  7. Mayor John Tory will announce that he will be seeking re-election to stay on as mayor of Toronto and try to beat out Art Eggelton as the longest serving mayor of Toronto. Mr.Eggelton served for 10 years as Toronto’s mayor and accomplished some very significant land mark changes.
  8. The Canadian economy will flat line…it’s against this backdrop that the Canadian economy is expected to improve in 2020. The major challenges remain global uncertainty, trade tensions and difficulties in the oil sector. However, the real estate market and residential investments are expected to continue to gain ground slowly.
  9. Prince Andrew of the royal family will be charged criminally with having sex with a minor and this will send the royal family into the media spotlight even more than they are today. But the continues question will haunt them about…. why have a royal family.
  10. Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 and this will send our neighbours into a state of shock to the point that you think that there is a civil war down there between the Republican and the Democrats. His re-election will continue to create segregation and a divide between its people never before seen with hatred and non-respect for one another.

I hope 2020 will bring you what your heart desires and continues to give us good health and happiness.

God Bless.

Vincent Nigro/MS

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