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Will COVID-19 Take Our Civil Rights Away?

Will COVID-19 Take Our-canada-mileniostadium


Are we giving up our freedoms in the fight against COVID-19?

The question is will we get them back? I personally do take this virus very seriously, but is COVID-19 taking all our civil rights away from us and will we ever go back to any sort of normalcy?

The scale and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic clearly rises to the level of a public health threat that could justify restrictions on certain rights, such as those that result from the imposition of quarantine or isolation limiting freedom of movement. At the same time, careful attention to human rights such as non-discrimination and human rights principles such as transparency and respect for human dignity can foster an effective response amidst the turmoil and disruption that inevitably results in times of crisis and limit the harms that can come from the imposition of overly broad measures that do not meet the criteria.

It seems that just when we get back to some sort of a normal way of live, the powers that be seemed to put a stop on things and pull us back into a freeze zone where we can’t move on. They incorporate these new zones that are colour coordinated with not much thought or science being put into it. And the bureaucrats and politicians that implement these so-called rules have never missed a pay cheque. They keep on telling us what to do and how to do it, but their lives rarely have changes other than possibly working from home, there has been no change to their financial status.

This political control is at all levels of government and what has happened in the United States with the election of Joe Biden, this may never change for any of us due to the total control that he will be under by a small group of globalists that want to control. Yes, the ultimate control of where we go, how we get there and what will it take for us to continue to move around. COVID-19 has become or it was planned that this virus was used to reset the global markets and everything that comes with that.

COVID-19 will change the way we do things moving forward and how we move. There will be long term restrictions implemented on us and our basic human civil rights will no longer be. Our basic simple rights to move freely and protect your family will all be controlled by others and all our movements will be tracked and recorded. You would think that our basic civil rights would not be compromised, but they will and there is no moving back. Our ancestries have bought long and hard to give us those basic rights, of freedom and the way to protect and move freely has been eliminated with the past eight months with this manufactured pandemic.

Whether you are in Canada, the United States or in any other country this pandemic has changed us for good, but we must stick together and not let these elitists control our lives.

At some point we as a society need to pull together and stay as one against this controlling political/global force that want to supress many of us with the controlling group living a different lifestyle. Look at these hypocritical politicians in the United States starting with Governor Gavin Newsom from California who tells everyone to stay home, yet he dines at an exclusive Los Angeles restaurant and gets caught. Or take Chicago’s mayor who is out in public but doesn’t wear a mask. Talk about a double standard.

Closer to home it has been reported that our provincial and municipal politicians are not following the rules that all of us have to adhere with…our senior provincial leaders are meeting with groups of people and socializing with folks that have returned from Florida with no quarantined in effect and they ignore all the rules that we have to follow. These are all double standards and yes these are hypocrites because they feel intitled with a guaranteed paycheck coming in every week. The hypocrisy and the rhetoric are enough, and no clear path or plan has been laid out for us to give us some hope.

Many of our politicians through this unfortunate virus are taking advantage of us, whether it’s done intentionally or not, all our civil rights are being controlled. If we don’t make some changes soon, l personally do not see any turning back. This is no conspiracy theory or smoke; this is reality and we must continue to fight for our civil liberties along with being safe and trying to protect us all. There is a growing global trend that seems to manipulate many of those in power and in turn to keep that power they will use any means.

The COVID-19 pandemic is about eight months old, but civil liberties groups are sounding the alarm bells off by how governments are responding. Can you imagine this…. that governments will use a color-coded category – where red, yellow, green corresponding to their levels of risk for having the virus. Those in the green group have the most freedom of movement. Yellow and red means that citizens could find themselves barred from entry to eateries and shopping malls.

This is the kind of big data that governments and big tech envision. Would you be willing to give up your individual rights for the sake of the common good? That’s the question that citizens across the world are facing in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has created a perfect storm and those in control of our liberties know that this is a time to take advantage of you.

Live Free or Die.


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