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Conversations, talking points, or just the average chit-chat with neighbours, friends, or at a water cooler, much of what l am listening to or overhearing of many conversations, make me shake my head or scratch it with much of what l am hearing. Many new ideas or attitudes regarding general life experiences or today’s norms have become foreign foreign to me.

I have such an uncomfortable feeling in many cases when certain topics are discussed mainly because l am very sensitive to my responses. I try to be as politically correct as possible without disrespecting someone or offending an individual about their opinion or viewpoint. Just like me, many of you may have an opinion and it may be on the opposite side of someone’s spectrum, but you hold back your response or opinion so not to offend.

But why should we?

Social norms, like many other social phenomena, are the unplanned result of individual interaction. It has been argued that social norms ought to be understood as a kind of grammar of social interactions. Like grammar, a system of norms specifies what is acceptable and what is not in a society or group. This view suggests that a study of the conditions under which norms come into being – as opposed to one stressing the functions fulfilled by social norms – is important to understand the differences between social norms and other types of injunctions such as hypothetical, moral codes, or legal rules.

The new norms with our youth are very confusing and very disturbing to me because many of our youth, not all have an entitlement attitude. Teenagers and our kids have been weaponized and social media have given our children a sense of power entitlement and do not care about people’s feelings and disrespect many. Much of these attitudes get formed within their own homes where the parents need to step, up and give their children constructive criticism and direction. They should not be getting directions and advice from rogue pundits or commentators on social media. Setting boundaries and creating positive, respectful norms for our children again start at home.

Our laws and regulations that many follow the rule of law seem to be disrespected and have no meaning to many in our culture, especially our young folks. Many turn a blind eye to the law and provoke much interference and cause issues for many especially innocent bystanders. These norms within our society that create a law and order environment are messed up by many that believe that they have an entitlement and need to be given a pass. The past riots that happened south of the border in Seattle and abroad have given many folks a sense of ownership of the law. Especially when you see many caught and released on bail for serious crimes with no real consequences. These trends have resonated throughout social media circles and have been picked up by many in this country.

Respecting our election process and how we conduct ourselves moving forward with elections. We need to respect all sides of our political spectrum and adhere to people’s opinions and respect disrespect their positions. The United States and its political choices are driving them to a civil war with no respect for either side. A free and democratic process is imperative and needs to be there for all of us and our future generations. We are all moving down a bad norm and a bad attitude toward our election process and where we stand. If the left does not agree with the right….we do not need to muzzle that voice, we just vote against that candidate. Taking on a destroy attitude as is being created south of the border seems to be filtering in up north here in Canada. The more we muzzle freedom of speech by either side, the more we create bad blood and separation.

Freedom of speech is a right within the law and should not be taken away from anyone, but when one side over the other is trying to shut things down, animosity and resentment occur. Because you may not agree with someone, does not mean that you need to disrespect the other side. Our ancestors gave up their lives for us to be in a society that gives us the freedom to speak and move around freely. The norm and the attitudes here seem to be changing for the worse and we must stay the course and make sure that we do not change how we speak freely and move around in a free country and not within a police state.

Biological sex and sexual preferences is a new norms and seem to be changing by the day with many taking advantage of our society and all that comes with it. I personally have no issues with someone’s right to choose what they are but do not challenge me or others if we do not always agree with their thoughts or opinions. I respect the other side of the spectrum and l would like to have my opinion respected and honored as l do others. No one should be canceled or protested against if one does not agree with their perspective. The woke cancel culture is a new norm and attitude that needs to be placed in check and respect both sides. Because one does not agree, one should not be canceled.

What worked for centuries as norms and attitudes should still be part of our truths….shaking hands when greeting someone, saying please and thank you, and apologizing when one makes a mistake. Making eye contact during a conversation, offering help when someone is struggling, and respecting personal space….all simple norms and attitudes which should be used with the past as well as combining these norms with the future.

Vince Nigro/MS

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