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Is Our Country Failing Us… Probably?


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Canada is the greatest country …

This is a land of opportunity, a fabulous place to raise your family and the opportunities that are available to you are infinite. Canada has opened its arms to many new immigrants and provided them with opportunities, security and a hope for a bright future.

I will make the argument that its not this great country that is failing us, but the person at the helm, the guy driving the bus…yes, our Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau has truly shown us that he believes that he is an entitled individual and he can do no wrong. His total arrogance and lack of leadership has endangered many Canadians during this pandemic showing very little compassion and in particular…no clear path to where we are going.

Justin Trudeau’s lack of urgency and how he has handled this crisis and in particular the vaccine rollout is totally unacceptable. Trudeau and the Liberal government have shown a total lack of inexperience both here in Canada and abroad. The Chinese government has totally taken advantage of our good Canadian nature and has held us hostage…it has used political operatives and motivation to get an upper hand on Canada. We are a giving country and have always been there for others on a national scale, but today, Justin Trudeau has been schooled and is trying to catch up with our lives.

There are 338 seats in the House of Commons and every Canadian deserves to have someone out there fighting for them, particularly in this pandemic. What we call MP’s or better known as members of parliament get elected on a riding basis and the party that receives the highest number of seats forms the government of the day. And that party’s leader becomes the Prime Minister. Although, MP’s can get defeated, it’s easier for the leader to stay on and in this case…Trudeau can be around forever.

This is the reason that l am calling for term limits for a Canadian Prime Minister to serve only two terms as is the case in the United States. Trump got booted out after only one term with direct voting for the President of which a United States President can only serve for two four-year terms. One of the reasons why our Canadian system keeps failing is because, the Prime Minister has too much power and like other Prime Ministers have stayed too long and have hurt the Canadian system. Term limits in Canada will keep our great system working more effectively and will keep the leader in check. The apathy of our Prime Minister gives him no reason to keep working for our best interest.

This pandemic has been an eye opener for our system…it has been a very traumatic and deadly time for everyone, but here in Canada and as a G7 country, we have fallen so far behind the rest of the world. Because Trudeau feels untouchable and maneuvers only in small global circles, we haven’t benefited…Canadians always fall behind.

Term limits in Canada would greatly benefits us all and the political complacence would be minimized. Having a Prime Minister that only serves two terms would implement better checks and balances and the results l believe would be better for us all. While some maintain that having no term limits allows politicians to create better long-term relationships with constituents, others argue that limits ensure they can’t amass too much power and financial support over possible challengers.

How long is too long?

Most Canadians say elected officials should be subject to term limits and the general consensus is two four-year terms. But the continued question is…would term limits deliver better government?

What is happening to us now and what may be coming around the corner with other possible viruses in the foreseeable future. Term limits for our elected officials, l believe would benefit all Canadians. Checks and balances are maintained at a higher level when politicians feet are kept to the fire on a shorter leash. Time limits will not take newly elected politicians and turn them into career politicians. In fact, a time limit will have politicians serve the public for a short time and truly accomplish something instead of staying for many years by just keeping a seat warm with no accomplishments. Politicians should serve the public and not make it a career.

I believe that the vast majority of those who enter public life – either at the municipal, provincial or federal level – do so to make a difference to their communities, their province or their country. The commitment to public service is a noble enterprise, and many politicians, once elected, remain true to that commitment. Unfortunately, for too many, the reasons that people enter politics appear to change with time. Let’s be honest. Politics does not always attract the best and brightest from society to run for public office. It is too often a thankless job, requiring a huge commitment of time and effort with expectations from the electorate that are sometimes unreasonable and often unachievable.

For many politicians, the job is actually the best job they ever had and there is personal motivation to do whatever necessary to keep those jobs. As a consequence, too many politicians put personal interests ahead of the interests of those who elected them. One could argue that in a democratic society, the voters should decide who goes and who stays. Unfortunately, voting decisions are often based on very low expectations of the electorate in terms of job performances which benefits incumbents and leads to long-serving politicians.

Finally, a further possible benefit of term limits might be in the attraction of more highly qualified individuals, particularly those nearing the end of their careers, willing to serve for a limited period of time and not interested in a career as a politician.

This is why term limits would make a difference…

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