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How safe are Vaccines?


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It seems that our only saving grace to get back to some type of normalcy is to get this vaccine in our arms and hope that it works. Even this new strand that has been surfacing seems to be conquered by the vaccine and its effects on the spread. Whether it’s the Pfizer, the Moderna vaccine the results have been amazing based on the turnaround time of eight months in the making.

So, then why are we here in Canada so far behind in getting the vaccine and ultimately rolling it out to our citizens? I heard a great line the other night on late night television that “they are rolling out the Popeyes chicken sandwich faster than we are with the vaccine”.

The answer is bad leadership at the top of the food chain and that all falls at the feet of our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. What they are telling us today is that the majority of Canadians should be vaccinated against coronavirus by September 2021, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But with the current pace of the country’s vaccination distribution, l don’t feel it will hit the target anytime soon.

Canada has fallen behind countries like Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom in vaccine distribution. According to recent numbers from global data, the total number of vaccinations does administer per 100 for Canada was 0.3 as of January 2. For the United States it was 1.28, in the U.K. it was 1.39. We are so far out of the game for a G7 country that it is embarrassing to Canada. Early on in the game Trudeau kept telling us that we have ordered enough vaccine to supply all our citizens here in Canada.

It appears that our Prime Minister in the early stages of ordering large supplies of vaccine that he was introduced to a Chinese businessman that convinced him and the Canadian government to buy from China most of our vaccine. However, when we requested the vaccines to be shipped, the Chinese government wanted a quick pro quo for a Chinese citizen that was held here in Canada. It seems that the Chinese government is holding us hostage in return for vaccine quota.

It seems that our procurement procedures and our Prime Mainister are either inexperienced or totally inept and have dropped the ball completely when it comes to procuring vaccine quota for Canadian citizens. Its approximately one year from when the first strain was observed here in Canada and if these rumours can be confirmed, this government has totally mismanaged the vaccine procurement and protection of all Canadian citizens. Justin Trudeau should resign if it is found that we are being kept hostage over this alleged purchase from the Chinese government.

It appears that we have a classic bait and switch when it comes to working with the lives of citizens, China has taken advantage of our Canadian goodwill.

Meng Wanzhou is this prominent person that is in question. She is a former Huawei executive and daughter of Huawei founder back to China. She was held here in Canada at the request of the United States authorities. And it appears that we here in Canada are being used at the expense of lives and again if true, we need to put an end to this and regroup and buy a new vaccine supply from other sources. The lies that you are hearing from our Prime Minister is just a decoy to buy him further time to regroup and save face. This was a colossal mistake and political inexperience which should be dealt with accordingly.

According to some media sources, its sounds like the shipment of vaccine was withheld or delayed as part of China’s retaliation against Canada over the Meng Wanzhou arrest. The Chinese state media outlet obviously has denied such statements, but if you follow the dots it all makes sense. Its only recently that the partnership with a Chinese company called CanSino and Canada have surfaced about the vaccine trials and partnerships with Canadian University Dalhousie.

The government announced its major vaccine purchases in August after it confirmed the CanSino partnership had fallen through. At the time, it said its decision had come after careful consultations with its vaccine task force of health experts. This past week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created a firestorm when he said Canadians will have to wait a bit to get vaccinated for COVID-19 because the first doses off the production lines will be used in the countries where they are made.

In the face of mounting questions about the CanSino deal, Trudeau continued to defend his government’s vaccine procurement policy, which he says has secured multiple options for the country. Trudeau also appointed a Canadian Forces general to lead the logistics of an eventual vaccine rollout with the Public Health Agency of Canada. Canadian officials have confirmed to media that maker Moderna has indicated that Canada is at the front of the line and will receive 20 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine it pre-ordered. The Canadian government has also indicated to these companies and in particular Moderna, that it has the right to reserve the ability to increase its amounts.

This timeline is so important because when Canada started getting serious with Pfizer, Moderna, Trudeau’s government was willing to almost double down on partnering with China earlier in the pandemic. The reason why this is so important, is that we could have been dealing with many of the reputable suppliers and not working with China. Just like Israel where they have vaccinated almost half their population and well under way to vaccinate all of Israel before the end of spring. This is leadership and this is what a leader in Benjamin Netanyahu does to take care of his country and its citizens.

Justin Trudeau is in damage control these days and is pushing the narrative that he is willing to approve further vaccines by Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca along with the initial orders from Pfizer and Moderna.

Mr. Trudeau you have one task and one task only…do the right thing and get us as much vaccine as soon as you can…. stop with the games as our lives are on the line.

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