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Are kid’s safe in our school system?

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The words “Old School” can be used in many cases to speak about the past and the style of performing something. Yes, the way it was, and the way things were, especially when l went to school and many of my friends and family felt very safe and never had a second thought about about the process of education. When l left my house and headed to school, l needed no advice on how to get there and how to deal with other children. The one place that all parents felt good about was sending their children to school where they would be in a safe environment and maybe get an education out of it.

There was a sense of sharing good, clean values and a neighborly community vibe about helping one another. One would head off to school and you would stop and chat with folks along the way or maybe stop off at a local store and pick up some candy or whatever was needed. This was second nature and never needed to be questioned, because the mood and respect for one another was always there. There were issues that arose from time to time, but nothing earth shattering.

Good clean, wholesome values were among us, respect was something that was part of the community fabric and being polite was a mandatory thing that many did. Going through life and simply saying “thank you” was the norm and one just did this because it was instilled in us by our family, our community and a sense of decency and yes there was a purity and innocence about the past. Teachers were seen as mentors and role models with the education system having a solid foundation and compassion for truly helping each child in school. Our education system had substance and morality and the foundation was solid with a system that truly fabricated and developed students that were able to move on and get a real job. The “old school” system turned out some effective and quality candidates that went on to accomplish big things right here in Canada and abroad.

Canadian education and its foundation had a wonderful reputation globally and, in the past, we were able to turn out some unbelievable talent that went on to do great things. However, something shifted about fifteen to twenty years ago and our education system started to decline and decline like a lead balloon. The “old school” effects were starting to wear off and many of our values were thrown out the window and have never recouped ever since. The decline of the system had become a secondary item for many, especially our politicians and our educators and their commitment started to decline. Less money was put into our education system and our commitment to strong education went downhill and has not been able to stay competitive with the rest of the world and the graduates that other countries are putting out.

Today, when we send our children to school, it’s like getting them ready for battle. Truly, our children of today need to be equipped with the knowledge and capability to be able to survive the day. This may sound somewhat negative, but these are the realities of the day and what comes with being on the street heading to school. That’s why many children are driven to school by a parent or grandparent and then picked up when school is done. The unfortunate thing about this is that our children get lazy and rely on us to do everything. There is a trade off, but unfortunately the drive is needed to protect children from either being beaten up or having their items stolen.
Many are acquiring guns, knives and other objects out there and these young folks will not hesitate to use them.

The trend to be cool for all the wrong reasons is now “New School” and is turning out many thugs and uneducated thieves. Gun violence is now a trend and every day there is another school being put on lock down due to violence. Many of our children cannot even look at someone with the fear of provoking and encountering some sort of violence. The respect factor is no longer in effect and our children are literally on their own when sent to school.

The politically correct environment where most teachers, not all… are just putting in the time and rush out of that school once the day is done has dumped our teachers on. Teachers today are mandated to pass everyone and make sure that no child is failed. This procedure alone is so wrong in so many ways that we are not doing our children and their future’s justice. When the students know that they will be passing whether they put in the effort or not, it makes the teacher student experience a nonevent. Statistically speaking we are turning out students with very low capabilities where their math and language skills far below standards which will catch up with them in future life.

How do we fix this?

Providing a safe environment for both teachers and students is crucial or the decline in education will continue to spiral out of hand. Unfortunately, we cannot control the global elements, but we can control our schools and the way they operate. Taking back our schools is the first step and we need to deploy funds to equip these schools with metal detectors and camera’s that will deter and curb some of the violence and give our teachers and students a safe house.

These are unfamiliar words that l am using for schools, normally used in wars and other forms of chaos, but we need to approach our education system as a war at this time and we need to win the battle.
It’s our choice…. let’s settle for Old School and not New School!

Vincent Black/MS

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