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Everything you think, everything you feel, every action you take is because of your beliefs and values. You may not be aware or conscious of it, but your values shape the decisions you make in life. If you value money more than happiness, your life might be full of expensive things, but it may lack joy. Our values signal what is most important to us.

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What top 10 human values would you have on your list? Creating and stating your values consciously can change the direction of life. Photo: DR

To see one’s character, look closely at how someone chooses to act. Soon, you will understand what bounds their heart to this world. As we define ourselves, what we believe becomes our values, which constantly tug our hearts in directions near and far. Reflect upon yourself, what binds you to the world? What do you hold dearest, leaving you in states of unrest? Allow me to share my heart with you…my top 10 human values…

Health: Without stable mental and physical health, our experiences can be overwhelmed by toxicity. Great health gives energy and vitality, which enable us to dive deeper, to give and share moments in time with those we love and cherish.

Love: The overuse of this word makes it easy to misunderstand the true meaning of it. It is not limited to romantic love, but love of all things. True non-judgemental love. The love you have for your family, your friends, etc. The love you have for your favourite things. The love you have for your passion and your mission. To make love a priority absolves the chances of succumbing to indifference.

Gratitude and Appreciation: There is no greater power on Earth than real gratitude. It shuts down all other negative emotions in the moment. It takes nothing away from anyone, but it gives you so much power. To be recognized feels like someone seeing you for the first time.

Kindness and Compassion: The world would certainly be a better place, if people showed less judgement and more respect.  It is placing yourself in someone else’s shoes before you judge them. To recognize the humanity, which binds us all in making errors in life. It feels good to be kind because it is right to be kind. What would your life, the world, be like if you valued kindness and compassion more?

Integrity: Simply put, we are all tempted to act in favour of ourselves. But, to know we chose to do otherwise; doing right for its sake… that is true pride. Actions without merit build us, as we choose to place self-respect and honesty above all.

Giving: As humans, we are built to give and share ourselves with those we love and others. To serve selflessly, it is an act done for the sake of itself. What you give is returned, but that is not why you give, you do so because that is your true altruist nature.

Growth: Human beings are wired to grow; it is part of the human condition to be more than you were yesterday. It is about becoming the greatest version of yourself… not just for yourself, but for others.

Peace: A state of inner nothingness. To be alone in bliss is presence. It is truly being at ease with oneself; to seek and understand our relation to the world.

Connection: A sense of affiliation and association is more than the material. To care for someone, think truly of the memories and emotions shared. Those experiences transcend any object, as one will always hold it within their hearts. As we interact with others, we look to build together a foundation, which we hope lasts for a lifetime.

Happiness: It is joy, playfulness, fun, and non-seriousness. Time stops and you love what you are doing. It is what we all seek but do it in many different ways… some try to find it with money, some through achievements and success, all come up empty. It is within ourselves; something available but never on sale. Momentary happiness will not set you free; find what fulfills you within yourself.

What top 10 human values would you have on your list? Creating and stating your values consciously can change the direction of life.  If you decide to apply any of these values to your life, in your own words, in your own way, your own life will be one of more value!

John Lennon once said, “You’re just left with yourself all the time, whatever you do anyway.  You’ve got to get down to your own God in your own temple.  It’s all down to you, mate.”

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