Best Candidates to Replace Hugh Freeze as Ole Miss’ Next Head Football Coach

With Thursday night’s bombshell news that Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze has resigned, the Rebels are suddenly in need of a long-term coach.

Convincing somebody to come to Oxford in the wake of an NCAA investigation and a self-imposed bowl ban for the 2017 season with potential other sanctions to come won’t be easy.

The Rebels may not even try; they’ve already named co-offensive coordinator Matt Luke the interim coach, and that tag could stick throughout this season.

According to’s Mark Schlabach, Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork told ESPN that “school officials found a pattern of phone calls to a number associated with a female escort service,” leading to the departure from Freeze’s tenure.

That’s yet another black eye for a football program that has been in constant turmoil for more than a year, and it will also turn up the heat on Bjork, who stood by Freeze throughout the NCAA’s investigation of recruiting violations.

For that reason, Bjork will swing for the fences to find Freeze’s replacement. Whether he connects with a big name remains to be seen. So, while Rebels fans everywhere will have visions of Chip Kelly and Bob Stoops dancing in their heads, we’re here to bring you realistic possibilities who may replace Freeze.

Here are eight coaches who could supplant Luke as the full-time Ole Miss coach.

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