TSB investigates small plane that narrowly missed traffic in crash at Buttonville airport

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating a plane crash near the Buttonville airport on Tuesday, the federal agency has confirmed.

The Cirrus SR20 went down around 2 p.m., crashing into an embankment on the north side of 16th Avenue near Highway 404. The male pilot and a single female passenger were uninjured, though the aircraft sustained significant damage.

A Twitter user posted this photo of the aircraft, which shows the proximity of the crash site to busy roads. (@sbokfan/Twitter)

In a tweet, the TSB classified the crash as a “runway excursion,” meaning the plane likely overshot the runway. The northernmost border of the Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport butts up against 16th Avenue with a fence and berm acting as a barrier.

The plane narrowly missed vehicles as it crossed over several lanes of traffic.

A TSB spokesperson said Wednesday morning that investigators deployed to the crash scene completed their on-site work yesterday evening. The plane was taken to a hangar, where investigators will have a chance to further examine the wreckage.

The cause of the incident has not yet been determined.

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