Toronto police seize $18M in drugs, 65 guns in largest single-day recovery

Toronto police seize $18M in drugs, 65 guns in largest single-day recovery-Milenio Stadium-Ontario
Toronto police say they made a massive drug and gun seizure last month from a single residence in Etobicoke. (Toronto Police Service)

Toronto police say they’ve made the largest single-day seizure in their history last month after recovering 181 kilograms of drugs worth over $18 million in street value, along with 65 firearms. 

$17M worth of drugs, including fentanyl, seized in 2 police investigations

All of the items seized are from a single apartment in Etobicoke. Police announced at a news conference Wednesday they have arrested a 45-year-old man who lives in the unit.

The investigation began earlier this year when 22 Division learned of drug trafficking activity in the area. That led them to identify a residence at 70 Cloverhill Road in the area of Park Lawn Road and Berry Road, said Insp. Tim Crone at the news conference.

Police began “observing” the residential area, made up of parks, detached homes and elementary schools, and were able to gather enough information to obtain a search warrant, he said.

On Nov. 17, police entered the unit and found 45-year-old Daniel Dubajic, who was a person of interest during the investigation with no prior history of criminal activity, said Crone.

“Once inside the apartment, officers immediately located significant amounts of narcotics and firearms, which were in plain sight of the officers,” said Crone. “The subsequent ensuing search of the premises located additional large quantities of illicit narcotics, firearms and munitions, and firearm magazine.”

A total of 181 kilograms of drugs were seized, which include:

  • 106 kilograms of cocaine.
  • 61 kilograms of crystal meth.
  • five kilograms of fentanyl.
  • nine kilograms of MDMA.

Of the 65 firearms seized, 57 were handguns and eight were long guns. About 15,000 rounds of ammunition was also recovered including high-capacity and extended magazines.

Dubajic is now facing the following charges:

  • Four counts of possession of a Schedule 1 substance for trafficking.
  • 53 counts of possession of an unloaded regulated firearm.
  • Six counts of possession of a loaded regulated firearm.
  • Six counts of possession of a firearm other than restricted or prohibited knowingly not holding a licence.
  • Two counts of knowingly possess a firearm, device or ammunition for transfer.
  • Seven counts of possession of a prohibited/restricted weapon or prohibited device.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 7 2021.


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