Severe thunderstorm in Toronto

One second, Paige Smith was looking out her living room window at the thunderstorm raging through her Upper Beaches neighbourhood, the next, there was a tree falling onto her house.

“It happened really fast,” the 16-year-old said of the damage to her home in Wednesday’s storm. “Just suddenly, the whole lawn came up and just started coming up towards the house.

Paige’s mother, Laura, was on her way home from work after the thunderstorm rolled through Toronto, ravaging parts of the city. She was initially worried about the backyard garden — then she turned onto her street.

“I looked down further and I’m like, ‘Oh my God!’ My front yard is ripped!”

Luckily, no one was injured.

The Smith’s front yard was completely uprooted during the storm Wednesday evening that left other parts of Toronto and the GTA with scattered power outages and damage from fallen trees. The storm even flooded part of Toronto’s Eaton Centre.

Toronto Hydro said the storm left about 16,500 residents without power in “scattered pockets” of the city and aimed to restore power overnight to 90 per cent of the customers. As of early Thursday morning, approximately 2,100 residents were still without power.

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