Python found in east end sewer overnight

It’s the stuff of urban legends and B-movies.

A hot summer night. A sewer. A huge snake.

A ball python was found poking out of a sewer grate near Victoria Park and Danforth avenues just after midnight on Tuesday.

It was spotted by a passerby who said they saw the snake with its head caught near an Esso gas station and called police.

Toronto Fire showed up soon after, telling CBC Toronto the python was between three and five feet long.

Firefighters were able to remove the grate and get the snake into a bag before transporting it to police headquarters, where it was handed it over to animal services at the City of Toronto.

In a statement, the city identified the snake’s species and said that it will be transferred to a reptile sanctuary.

The question now is where the snake came from.

Toronto Fire said that 311 had received a call from someone trying to surrender a snake, but that the city’s shelter wasn’t open at the time.

The city says there is no record of the call.

“Anyone that is no longer able to care for a snake is strongly encouraged to surrender it to a local herpetological society,” said the city’s statement.

The statement also laid out the rules about what kinds of snakes people can own.

The city forbids any snake that reaches an adult size of more than three metres, or nine feet, as well as all poisonous or venomous animals.

Ball pythons typically grow to a length between three and four feet, or 1.2 metres, and are non-venomous constrictors.

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