Provincial police watchdog charges officer with assault

The Special Investigations Unit has charged a Toronto police officer with assaulting a 62-year-old man at an apartment building near Dundas and Sherbourne streets last summer.

According to a news released issued by the SIU, officers responded to a 911 call at 251 Sherbourne Street on June 29, 2018. When they entered the building, there was “an interaction” between one of the officers and the 62-year-old man.

SIU Director Tony Loparco said there are reasonable grounds to believe that the officer committed a criminal offence that left the man with serious injuries.

The constable has been charged with one count of assault causing bodily harm, and is scheduled to appear in College Park Court on April 29.

The SIU investigates incidents involving police that result in a civilian’s death or injury, or allegations of sexual assault.

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