‘Project Dos’ raids nab $17M in drugs from ‘high-level’ southern Ontario trafficking ring

Toronto police have charged eight people in connection with a series of drug busts in four southern Ontario cities that led to seizures of large quantities of drugs and cash.

Police said Thursday that the individuals were involved in a “high-level” drug trafficking ring capable of generating millions of dollars in profit.

“[Investigators’] efforts have not only placed a group of alleged producers and dealers before the court but they’ve removed millions of dollars of illicit substances and proceeds from the illegal drug market,” said Supt. Steven Watts at a news conference.

The eight accused are facing a total of 27 charges, among them drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of the proceeds of crime, and conspiracy to commit an indictable offense.

Police say they confiscated 29 kilograms of cocaine, smaller quantities of ketamine, and hundreds of kilograms of chemicals such as ephedrine, which is used in the production of crystal meth.

The drugs were seized during the execution of 29 search warrants carried out as part of a Toronto police drug squad investigation dubbed Project Dos. They have a street value of up to $17 million, according to Watts.

The raids were conducted on April 25 in Toronto, Vaughan, Waterloo and Stoney Creek.

Police also confiscated around 4,000 illegally-grown cannabis plants and $308,000 in cash.

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