Police still appealing for public’s help in cold case, 30 years later

Police are asking for the public’s help in solving a murder case that happened more than 30 years ago.

Richard Thomas Moore’s body was found off the roadway of Colborne Lodge Drive near High Park on the morning of December 3, 1988. He was beaten and stabbed multiple times.

The victim’s empty wallet was located several hundred yards away from where his body was found.

Police believe he was killed in a robbery.

A knife believed to belong to the offender was also found in 1988. It was recently sent to the Centre for Forensic Science for analysis.

Homicide Sgt. Stacy Gallant said police decided to reopen the case due to recent advancements in technology.

“We review cold cases on regular basis and look for things that we can examine now that were virtually unexaminable back in the time when the case happened.”

He said he hopes the testing will help develop an offender DNA profile.

In 1988, forensic testing was limited, which meant the knife couldn’t be analyzed. Gallant explained as the science developed, it focused on direct DNA testing, such as blood, as opposed to handler items like guns and knives.

They are hoping to receive results from the weapon testing in about a month.

“Our fingers are crossed that we’ll get something from it,” said Gallant.

Moore, who was 28 at the time, worked as a labourer at a nearby business and lived in the Parkdale area.

He had been seen the prior evening at the Edgewater Hotel at Roncesvalles Avenue & Queen Street West.

Police continue to appeal to the public for tips.

“If you know who is responsible, take that step and help bring this offender to justice,” said Gallant.

“If you want to remain anonymous, that’s OK. There are people out there who know who is responsible for this murder and need to come forward now.”


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