Police seek man in connection with violent gas station robbery

Toronto police are seeking assistance to identify a man who they allege committed a violent early morning gas station robbery in the east end two weeks ago.

The robbery occurred on June 13, around 4:08 a.m., at a gas station on Front Street East and Sherbourne Street.

According to police, a man disguised in a baseball hat and hoodie pulled tight around his face entered the gas station. He pointed a knife at the employee, removed the cash from the register and then violently stomped on the employee’s head several times, police said.

“This victim is just a hardworking individual who was working the night shift trying to put himself through school,” Insp. Lauren Pogue of the hold-up squad told reporters at a news conference Wednesday at Toronto Police headquaters.

“The level of violence seen in this particular robbery is extremely disturbing.”

The employee was found unconscious after the encounter and was transported to hospital suffering from a fractured orbital bone and skull, with cuts and bruises to his face, Pogue said.

The victim has since been released from hospital but remains in a rehabilitation facility, where he is expected to stay for several weeks.

“All we can see from the victim’s accounts [is] that he was entirely compliant with the suspect’s requests of him,” said Pogue.

There is no indication why the situation got so violent, she said. The incident was not provoked, she added.

The suspect is described as a male with a muscular or athletic build who is in his mid-20s and ranges in stature between 5’8″ and 5’10.” He was seen wearing a dark hoodie with a silver zipper, black “Chuck Taylor” running shoes and black gloves.

“We are truly hoping somebody from the public — upon watching this video — may be able to provide us some information that will help us identify this suspect and bring [him] before the courts,” said Pogue.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police or leave an anonymous tip at Crime Stoppers.

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