Police investigating after stunt drivers stop traffic on GTA highway

Provincial police are investigating after a group of stunt drivers stopped traffic on a major Ontario highway and video of the dangerous incident was posted online.

In the video, a driver can be seen doing doughnuts in the middle of Highway 409 near Pearson International Airport while a group of people looks on, many of them capturing the spectacle on their phones.

A pan to the right shows a long line of traffic paused behind the group.

The video started gaining attention after it was featured on the popular Toronto-centric Instagram account “6ixbuzztv”.

Late Sunday, OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt tweeted out the video, calling the stunt “dangerous and illegal.”

On Monday morning, Schmidt said investigators are trying to identify some of those involved.

“It’s an activity that has liability to motorists that are approaching stopped traffic unexpectedly. And if there was a crash or a wreck, it could be a disaster,” he said.

“It’s just downright disappointing,” Schmidt added.

Police have not confirmed when the incident occurred, but believe it may have been on Saturday night.

Schmidt said that similar stunts happen “pretty regularly” throughout the Greater Toronto Area, but usually at intersections.

“They commandeer an intersection and flood the area and people start taking advantage of the whole mob mentality,” he said.

Anyone with potentially valuable information about the incident is asked to contact the OPP or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers.


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