Police allege men demanding cash from seniors for unnecessary home repairs

Toronto police are looking for three men who are allegedly convincing senior citizens their homes need unnecessary repairs, before demanding cash and not completing any work.

Police were called to the area of Bayview Avenue and Blythwood Road back on Sept. 24, according to a Toronto police news release.

The release alleges that one to three men were approaching homes occupied by seniors and convincing them that work to the roof, driveway or other repairs were required.

The men allegedly drew up lists of recommended work, including prices. They would start the work, according to the release, but then recommend that more work be done, increase the price and then demand to be paid.

Police allege the men demanded cash, and went so far as to accompany seniors to bank machines to withdraw money.

“It is believed that no actual repairs were required or completed,” the news release said.

Suspects may be driving white van or truck

Police are looking for three men standing about 5’10.” One of them is in his late 30s with short dark hair and a muscular build. The two others are described as having “a heavy Scottish accent” – one has fair skin, blue eyes and an athletic build, while the other has short dark hair and a medium build.

They may be driving a white van or truck.

“Police are encouraging people to be extra cautious if approached for unsolicited home repairs and to phone police to report any suspicious solicitation for home repairs,” the release said.

Anyone with information is asked to call 53 Division or Crime Stoppers.

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