Plywood smashes into car narrowly missing driver on Hwy. 410

A driver and his passenger are lucky to be alive after a piece of plywood smashed into their windshield on Highway 410.

Emergency crews responded to reports of a collision southbound at Queen Street East on Highway 410 in Brampton around 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

“A loose piece of wood that was unsecured flew off another truck and struck another vehicle,” says Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

Police are asking drivers to ensure any loads they’re carrying are strapped and properly secured. (OPP)

Tow truck driver Rawad Sawah extracted the wood from the windshield and tells CBC News the incident could’ve been a lot worse.

“The plank fell right between the front seats of the car and it looked like it just missed the driver. I guess they got really lucky to not be seriously hurt,” Sawah said.

Paramedics transported a man and woman to hospital with minor injuries.

Police are reminding drivers to ensure materials being transported are strapped and properly secured.

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