Ontario to expand use of mobile crisis teams to help first responders

Ontario is planning to expand the use of mobile crisis intervention teams that help first responders, and increase mental health supports in schools.

Health Minister Christine Elliott highlighted an investment today of $174 million this year from her government’s recent budget for community mental health and addictions services, mental health and justice services, supportive housing, and acute mental health inpatient beds.

Elliott says her vision is for integrated, wrap-around mental health services, so people don’t have to be in crisis to find timely access to services.

Solicitor General Sylvia Jones says there have been some successful mobile crisis team pilot projects in smaller communities, so that model will be expanded.

Elliott says mental health workers will be placed in secondary schools so youth can have access to early intervention.

The former Liberal government had promised in its last budget to give every high school mental health supports by 2020.

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