Ontario PC party still sending text messages after winning election

Four days after the election campaign ended, the Ontario PC party is sending unsolicited text messages asking people whether they support some of premier-designate Doug Ford’s key promises.

The text messages refer to “Premier Ford” although he does not officially hold that position until June 29, when he and his cabinet are set to be sworn in.

“Hi, this is Sophie from the Ontario PC Party,” begin the messages, sent Monday morning and Sunday evening.

“Do you agree Premier Ford should fire the $6 million CEO of Hydro One?” asks one message. “Do you support Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario PC plan to scrap the carbon tax?” asks another.

The party used text messages like this throughout the campaign to try to obtain direct contact information for likely PC voters. The texts do not violate any Canadian rules because political parties are exxempt from the national “Do Not Call” list.

“The Ontario PC Party continues to connect with our grassroots using social media and text messaging,” said communications director Jeff Silverstein in an email to CBC News. “It is important for the party to use every opportunity to stay connected with Ontarians throughout our mandate. We are fully compliant with the rules.”

However, the messages are irking some.

“I was quite confused as to why I was getting it,” said Charles Crosbie, who received a text from the PCs Sunday evening on his personal cell. “The election is over. I’m not signed up to receive messaging from any party. It just seemed like blanketed spam.”

“It feels like an invasion of my privacy,” said Rebecca Osolone in an email Monday to CBC Toronto. “I don’t know how they got my number. I do not think they should be able to text me like this. I do not support the PC party.”

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