No streetcar service on Queen Street for rush hour due to brake problems

The TTC is pulling streetcar service from routes along Queen Street Wednesday afternoon due to a problem with their brake systems.

Routes on Queen Street and west of Roncesvalles, including the 501, 501L, and 508, will be out of commission.

All routes will be replaced by buses.

According to TTC spokesperson Stuart Green, there was an issue with the brakes on seven low floor streetcars Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

The TTC is removing the streetcars out of caution, he said.

Green says the TTC will have about 80 to 90 buses running instead of the usual 35 streetcars for the afternoon rush.

He advised transit riders to go to King station because there will be extra service on that route, or take the subway on Line 2.

There is no timeline for when streetcar service will resume. The TTC is looking into what is causing damage to the bottom of the streetcars.


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