New green space is squeezing its way into the King-Spadina area

A new green space is coming to Toronto’s King-Spadina neighbourhood, after a vote by city council.

Councillors approved a motion last week by Coun. Joe Cressy, who represents Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina, asking for funding to transform a public parking lot at Spadina Avenue and Adelaide Street into a new park.

“Downtown Toronto is the most parks-deficient area in the entire city today,” Cressy said. “If you’re going to raise a family in a high-rise, the park becomes your backyard.”

“It’s critical we create those new green spaces.”

The city-owned lot at 105 Spadina Ave., which is 1,3658 square metres in size (or about one-third of an acre), will be transformed in the coming years.

Cressy’s dream, which was two years in the making, was to have a new, small space for dogs and kids in the downtown core. His motion put forward Friday asked the city to look into ways of building a green space faster.

The conversion will be financed by $10 million the city is getting from a developer in exchange for more height and density in one of the company’s nearby projects.

In exchange, the developer will use some of that money to replace those parking spots in a new condo development.

“Is it a true win-win where the city gets a new park, the public parking space are replaced in a condo development and frankly, for the next 50 years, everybody wins,” he said.

Cressy said with the population of downtown Toronto expected to double from 250,000 to half a million in the next 25 years, it’s essential to seize opportunities for new parkland.

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