More than 500 members of Toronto Police Service in self-isolation, says association president

More than 500 members of the Toronto Police Service — including civilian and uniform members — are in self-isolation, says Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack.

Five members of the Toronto Police Service have tested positive for COVID-19 — one civilian and four uniformed officers — but McCormack says after returning from March break, hundreds had to self-isolate for two weeks as required by law.

“It’s just something that … we’re not overly concerned about, but we are monitoring,” he said.

Some officers have finished their quarantine and are beginning to return to work.

Meantime, McCormack says front-line service isn’t being affected.

“We’re making sure that they have all the PPE protection that they need, making sure that we have stocks in reserve so that we’re not running out,” McCormack said.

“You can appreciate in policing when you’re talking about social distancing, that’s something that we unfortunately don’t have the luxury of when we’re arresting people, when we’re coming into contact with people, so it’s a big challenge for us right now, but we are out there making sure that our members are protected while doing their job.”

The association represents approximately 8,000 civilian and uniform members of the Toronto Police Service.

The police union has given each of its members $1,000 in the midst of the crisis, McCormack says, to help them cope.

“Our officers are very anxious about what’s going on right now,” he said.

“This is something that impacts front-line police officers, emergency workers, first responders, but also our families and our communities and I think it’s really important that we all pull together and fight this virus.”


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