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Electric Bus Pilot Project

On July 29th. The City of Brampton welcomed Minister McKenna’s announcement of $11.15 million in funding towards Phase 1 of a pilot project which will test electric buses in Brampton. This unprecedented and first-of-its-kind project is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Brampton Transit and the Canadian Urban Transit Research an Innovation Consortium. The electric buses will arrive on Brampton’s streets in late 2020/early 2021.

Fair deal for Brampton

Brampton needs a fair deal for healthcare. From overcrowding to hallway medicine, healthcare inn Brampton is chronically underfunded. The City of Brampton is demanding immediate funding for the completion of Phase 2 at Peel Memorial and urgent action for a third healthcare facility. For more information and to sign the petition visit:

2019 LED Street Lights Retrofit Project

The project which began mid-July replaces 7000 cobra style street lights in mostly residential subdivisions, the majority centered around McLaughlin Rd. LED Lights improve safety for drivers, pedestrians, and are environmentally friendly.

$15 Seniors Transit Pass

Brampton Transit has launched a new discounted $15 Seniors Pass that will be available for purchase beginning August 6th and will be active on September 1st. This launch is part of Council’s goal to ensure transit is free and accessible for all Bramptonians over the age of 65 by 2022.

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