Man accused in death of Toronto police Const. Jeffrey Northrup released on bail

Man accused in death of Toronto police Const. Jeffrey Northrup released on bail-Milenio Stadium-Ontario
Const. Jeffrey Northrup was killed after being struck by a vehicle in the parking garage at city hall on Friday morning, police say. (52 Division/Twitter)

A 31-year-old man charged with first-degree murder in the death of Toronto police Const. Jeffrey Northrup has been released on bail.

Umar Zameer’s lawyer Nader Hasan confirmed Justice Copeland has now ordered him released on bail, under strict conditions.

Zameer has been released on three sureties pledging a total of $335,000, with $50,000 deposited with the court prior to his release from custody, Hasan said.

He must live under house arrest with his sister and has been placed under an electronic monitoring supervision program. He is not allowed to leave Ontario, visit any international airport and must surrender his passport and travel documents to police. He’s also restricted from driving a car.

Shortly after midnight on July 2, Northrup was killed after being struck by a vehicle in what investigators have called an “intentional and deliberate act,” in the parking garage at city hall.

Police said Northrup and his partner were responding to a 911 call for a robbery in progress when they were struck.

Both were dressed in plainclothes but police say they could be identified by nametags around their necks.

Northrup was transported without vital signs to nearby St. Michael’s Hospital, where he died. His partner was transported to the same hospital, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

In a statement to CBC News on Wednesday, Hasan said: “Mr. Zameer’s  family is very pleased with the outcome of today’s hearing. They welcome him home. I know it comes amidst a tragedy for officer Northrup’s family and again express my condolences.”

There is currently a publication ban on all evidence presented during Zameer’s two-day bail review held earlier this month, meaning the reason for Zameer’s release cannot be reported. However, Hasan said he would be fighting aspects of the ban and asking the court to release “a portion of its reasons” on the bail hearing.

Hasan said this would help the public to “better understand this case and why the court reached this decision. ”

“When an individual charged with a serious crime has been granted bail, the public is inevitably curious about the reason,” he said.

“We can only respond that there is much more to this case and to this tragic situation than meets the eye. In due course, this will become clear.”

CBC News has reached out to the Toronto Police Service for comment.


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