Liberal staffers removing Ontario anti-carbon tax stickers, energy minister charges

Ontario Energy Minister Greg Rickford says “Liberal staffers” are peeling off the government-mandated anti-carbon tax stickers that are on display on gas pumps.

Rickford pointed to a Facebook post from the chief of staff for a federal Liberal MP, who boasted about ripping off 100 of what he called “propaganda” stickers.

The staffer says in the post that he was pushing back against what he calls Premier Doug Ford’s “grotesque reign of incompetence.”

But Rickford says he thinks Liberals are embarrassed about the cost of the carbon tax.

Ford has previously said the stickers were peeling off because they used the wrong adhesive, joking that his family label business should have produced the decals.

But Rickford now says there’s no evidence that the stickers aren’t sticking, and the only way they come off is because people are removing them.

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