Ford government says new licence plates in the works

Premier Doug Ford’s government says manufacturing of revised license plates is expected to begin within two weeks and improved versions will be distributed to drivers shortly after.

However, two senior government officials told CBC’s Mike Crawley they couldn’t say whether the revised plates will look the same as the current blue plates, including the blue background, white lettering or even the new slogan “A Place To Grow.”

Production of the current blue plates has now been halted, the officials said, adding the plates produced so far number in the “hundreds of thousands.”

The Progressive Conservative government has acknowledged there is a problem with the plates that makes them difficult to read in the dark.

Government and Consumer Services Minister Lisa Thompson says the government has reached a solution with manufacturer 3M Canada at no cost to taxpayers.

She added police officers and other stakeholders will be conducting testing of the new design.

The revised plate is expected to start being made within two weeks, but until they are available for distribution, drivers needing new licence plates will get the old white embossed plates.


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