Fecal matter thrown onto people at 2 Toronto universities

People at two Toronto universities had fecal matter thrown onto them, police say.

Investigators are looking into whether the two cases are connected. Police haven’t said if students were the targets of the attacks.

The first incident happened last Friday, when fecal matter was thrown onto someone at the University of Toronto.

Online, someone who posted about witnessing the attack on Reddit, said it happened in the Robarts Library cafeteria. Multiple other commenters also said they saw the incident or could smell the aftermath.

Two days later, on Nov. 24, a person at York University had fecal matter thrown on them while they were at Scott Library.

Video captured after that incident and shared online shows some of the fecal matter left behind on an empty chair and a number of shocked students packing up their stuff to leave the area.

Police say they have information about a potential suspect, but are not releasing it until they can confirm several more details.

CBC Toronto has contacted both universities. Officials there say they’ll release statements on Monday.


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