Attention TTC riders: Fares are going up today

If you’re hopping on the TTC this morning — heads up, fare increases take effect on Monday.

A 10 cent increase to most fares was approved by the board of the TTC, the commission said in a news release last week. The adult cash fare will remain unchanged at $3.25.

Here’s a breakdown of the increase:

  • Cash — Adult single fares stay at $3.25. Senior and student fares increase to $2.20, from $2.10.
  • Tokens and tickets — Adult tokens rise to $3.10 from $3. Senior and student tickets will be $2.15, up from $2.05.
  • Presto fares — An adult trip on Presto will rise to $3.10 from $3. Senior and student tickets will be $2.25, up from $2.05.
  • Monthly passes — A regular monthly pass will be $151.15, up from $146.25. Senior, student and post-secondary monthly passes rise to $122.45, up from $116.75.
  • 12-month passes — The regular fare will be $138.55 a month, up from $134. The same for senior and students will be $112.25 a month, up from $107.
  • Fair passes — Fares under TTC’s fair pass program for people on social assistance also increase, to $2.05 from $2 for a single fare, and to $119.40 from $115.50 for a monthly pass.
  • Other — Day passes also increase to $13 from $12.50 and a GTA weekly pass is projected to increase to $64.95 from $63.

The fares were approved as part of the TTC’s 2019 operating budget.

TTC staff say the hike in fares could provide roughly $26 million in added revenue.


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