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Christmas is only a few sleeps away! ‘A Nutcracker Christmas at the Castle’ is on right now at Casa Loma. This magical place will be sure to get you into the holiday spirit…that is if you aren’t already! With so many things to do before the holidays, whether it be shopping for last minute gifts, organizing the menu for your family lunches and dinners or secretly decorating your tree– take time with your family and friends to experience the Christmas season in one of the most iconic places in the city – Casa Loma.  

Upon your arrival into the castle, there is a 40-foot Christmas tree in the Great Hall. It is the most beautiful sight with tons of dazzling lights, ornaments and ribbons on it. You naturally look at it in awe and appreciate what you know is going to be an amazing experience. Throughout the castle, there are eight different and uniquely decorated Christmas trees all designed by talented Canadian designers. You will see carolers, toy soldiers and even Santa Claus roaming around the castle.  


We had the opportunity to speak with President and CEO of Liberty Entertainment Group, Nick Di Donato who brought “A Nutcracker Christmas at the Castle” brilliantly to life. Di Donato gave us some insight on how he came up with the theme and what to expect when you visit.  


“The castle is one of the most iconic buildings in Toronto and Canada. What better way to have the Nutcracker theme through Christmas and the season? It’s spectacular. People can see the exterior, roam the gardens and visit the holiday market. The interior is programmed with lots of shows such as Glisse on Ice and lots of other activities for children. It will give people a sense of the holly season and it’s themed around everybody; reaching young kids who will dance with the gingerbread man in the tunnels and adults who are fascinated by the symphony in the Great Hall.” 


What is Di Donato’s favourite part of the experience – we have the answer: “I think my favourite part is the garden. You can sit back and look at the beauty of the lights. Sir Henry Pellatt built the castle and was always entertained in the garden. It’s a beautiful backdrop to have the castle there and you feel an ‘old-world’ style of Christmas, the way it started – picture Santa Claus and the old Christmas carolers, it really emulates that season and that time period. It’s really a fantastic family experience.” 


Since the opening, people are very impressed with what has been done. It is an interior and exterior experience and people are fascinated by all the light exhibits, the holiday market and with all the professionalism of all the shows. There are also many Canadian performers in the castle. Can you think of another place in Canada where figure skaters would be on ice?!  


Throughout Casa Loma, there were a lot of different things to see, from ice sculpting to spectacular light shows, they have it all. Not to mention – this was also an educational experience with the long list of history that accompanies the castle.  


Don’t miss this chance to experience ‘A Nutcracker Christmas at the Castle’. It’s on till January 6th daily from 9:30-5pm and nightly till December 23rd from 5-9pm. 


Melissa DaCosta

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